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Isaac – Jun 28, 2020

Victim Location 10706

Type of a scam Tech Support

They said that they charged my account by mistake with $399.99 thinking that I asked for their services for one year. They said that they need to cancel the charge and I have to check my bank account if the charge is already in my account. When I opened my account to check I saw that the cursor started to move under their control. I asked them to get out of my bank account. Somebody under the name Jack Anderson tel 385 263 5824 told me that if I close their access into my account they will block my computer. I broke the internet connection to cut their action.

Later on I found my computer account blocked by them. I called the number where "Jack" with a very heavy Indian accent spoke with me very nasty. Later I was able to cancel their block. NEVER GIVE ANYBODY CONTROL ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Dominique –

Victim Location 28209

Total money lost $149.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was having an issue with my Alexa, so I Goolged Alexa customer service. A pop up came through on the bottom of my computer, asking for my phone number so a service tech could call me. "Victor Ryan" called a few mins alter and then asked to take control of my computer .Against my better judgement, I allowed him to do so. After running a "security scan" he told me I had serious infections and that my computer was at risk. He then used his scare tactic to doop me into purchasing unneeded tech support for a year for $149.99 (He tried to get me to pay up to $600 for various lengths of time of service). He then, after an hour of meddling through my computer, took my information and charged my card. I felt something was amiss, so I called my bank to file a dispute,as I looked up Geeks World and found I was not alone in this scam. They have used the same MO on several people throughout the USA.

After calling 1 day later to get my money back, I was told that I signed a contract and they fulfilled their end of fixing my Alexa issue (an issue that was an Alexa problem all over, nothing they could have done to correct it) and that they would not be returning my money. However, in the contract, which is now not showing up in my email as it has "Expired"???, it did say that the consumer would have 3 days to retract their obligation to the contract. I did this in time, but alas I don’t think they are going to honor ANYTHING.

When you call the 800-409-0561 number, the person who answers does so as if it’s their personal phone number (some guy with Indian accent; they all had the same accent) . When I brought to their attention that I want my money back, for reasons explained above (there was NO service provided at all) the guy, named "Steve", got irritable and tried to argue with me. Total fraud/scam cell.

Please don’t be victimized like i was!

Martha –

Victim Location 94063

Total money lost $538

Type of a scam Tech Support

As so many others had commented; In this con, scammers pose as tech support employees of well-known computer companies and hassle victims into paying for their “support.”

I went on line for Amazon Alexa support to change my WiFi Password. Clicked on what I thought was the Alexa Support and a chat window popped up. Then requesting my name and phone number. Suddenly, I received a call to better handle my question. Then, I was instructed to go to my browser and type alexadownloadapp, seemingly legit; thee app froze and then the fun began, Alexa App network error message 7:3:0:0:1 The person on the phone Mike says weird, try it again. Now he needs access into my computer to find out what going on. Bad mistake…… From then on, he says my IP address has been infected, etc. Then the pitch for network support and on and on, in the tune of $***.

You are told only a tech support employee can fix the problem, and you’re asked to allow access to your machine. Once access is granted, the caller will often run a “scan” and claim your computer is infected with viruses. The scammer then offers to fix the problem…for a fee. Mine, $***. for network protection (Firewall)

Janelle –

Victim Location 43326

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Tech Support

Geek world rip me off for anti-virus protection cost me $300 and I got no protection. Then they called me trying to get another $700. I didn’t go for it. They said I got on an unsecured site and I need a protection. Don’t use Geeks world they’re thieves and Liars

Lindsay –

Victim Location 89121

Type of a scam Tech Support


While speaking with a support agent and allowing him to get into my computer because of printer issue. He stated I did not have any type of virus protection and that I had thousands of viruses in my computer. He lied from the start. He went into a lot of files in my computer and then said he wanted 300 dollars for the service charge and for a three year contract. He wrote a promise to pay from my gmail. I feel as though this service is a scam. I also spoke with a lady first and she said there was not a charge that it was a free call. Now they are calling me before 5 am in the morning. Letting it ring three times hanging up and ringing again and again on my house phone and my cell phone. Today when he called I said I am not paying you and this is a scam and hung up. He proceeded to call my cell phone three times on one number and then switching to another phone I am in fear that they are in my computer still even though we ended the session weeks ago. This is very worrisome and bothersome.

I contacted them thinking I was contacting HP Printer support about my printer going offline.

Desired Resolution:

No further contact by the business

Desired Outcome:

I would like to have this company not contact me anymore. I would like their actions looked into as well. Thank you, *** ** ***

Monique –

Victim Location 46142

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer called to offer tech support and had control of my computer. Then said my computer was at risk of be crashed and hacked, they could fix it for a fee. They changed me $750, they also had my SSN.



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