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Abigail – Jun 29, 2020

Victim Location 35064

Type of a scam Tax Collection

This company left a letter on our front and back door statingwe had 14 days to evacuate the premises of our home or local sheriff’s officewas going to remove us. This letter was not notarized.. it was stating that our house has been sold for taxes to this company g & j elite properties LLC. I I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Uriel Mendoza he stated that he had paid the taxes on our house that we had recently purchase and have been renovating for the last year. (2019) mr. Mendoza then stated in order to keep our home and "redeem" the deed we had to pay him and his company x amount of dollars which was about three times more than what the taxes for our house were supposed to originally be. My husband and I went to the court house to see about this matter and were informed that the deed was infact still in the original owners name (the guy we purchased the house from). We had a verbal agreement with the owner. So technically nothing was ever recorded as far as any notorized or written agreement of me and my husband purchasing the house. So me and my husband are hirring a lawyer to help us with this matter.



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