FYE Backstage Pass

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Holly –

Victim Location 56649

Type of a scam Credit Cards

A couple months ago, I decided to cancel my FYE Backstage pass. It sounds like a good deal at first by tempting you with a “free” membership to your choice of magazine. When I wanted to cancel my membership, the customer support person on the other line just kept asking me to stay but on a discounted price. I made it very clear I just wanted to cancel but she kept telling me “I’ll just give you the discount and your account will stay active, okay?” Once I finally got the woman to say they my account would no longer be active, I finished up the phone call and thought everything would be taken care of. Turns out, I’m still getting the magazines and I’m still being charged but since I no longer have an active account, I cannot find any way to cancel this. This is a warning to not sign up for this.



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