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Samuel –

Victim Location 73344

Total money lost $633

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I get a lady inviting me on FaceBook who pretends to be a servant of God by the name of Lucy Dlamini, she said she is doing trading and her trader is Richard, the binary trader who has made her tons of money on fxcryptozones.com. We started chatting on WhatsApp and at some stage I ran away from her and blocked her number. But she came up on another number insisted that she is a Christian under no circumstances she would lie to me.

She started sending me videos of a lady doing her Christian works, preaching, etc. of which I guess those are all stolen videos from some innocent person, they are not her videos. Apparently, Richard is trading on a software they have designed with a friend that is bringing returns of 96%.

Eventually, I bowed to the pressure and paid R3 000 ($211) through a bitcoin address, of which I was told that will make me R33 000 ($2 321) in 7 days. After 2 days the profits have gone beyond this, sitting at R99 540 ($7 000), as reflected on fxcryptozones.com, I was told that I have overrun my current account, I needed to deposit a further R6 000 ($422) in order to be upgraded to an unlimited classic account & in 2 days I can withdraw my profits successfully. I asked him if any more money would be required before I can withdraw, he said a big, “no sir”!

After 2 days, R15 000 ($1055) was requested in order to release the profits of $14 000 (R199 080) appearing on fxcryptozones.com. Now that was enough for me to realize that I am dealing with a scammer here! We were every time chatting on WhatsApp, and after realizing this as a scam, we exchanged nasty words until I blocked him.

I know I cannot get my money back but my main interest is to warn other people about this bogus site fxcryptozones.com, I can see my profits but cannot draw anything. On the same site, there is no button where one can start or stop a trade. The figures are not a real reflection of a trading account, they come in as $2000, $5000, $3000, in trading one would expect figures like $2674.09 or $5128.78 and so, not a series zeros always. This again shows that the website is not real, only there to rip off people. Richard is using these names Richard Erik Voorhees, email [email protected] on +1 424 2265573, I doubt if these are his real names! Lucy Dlamini uses 066 174 3271 and 083 728 9813. They would send illustrations like:

Deposit R3 000 and make R33 000 in 7 days

R4 000 make R45 000

R5 000 make R55 000

R6 000 make R65 000

R7 000 make R75 000

And so on!

You can see all by login to fxcryptozones.com

Username: [email protected] password: Thuso2691

I wish people can be warned of this website as a scam and never do any trading involving the site.



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