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Lance –

Victim Location 33629

Type of a scam Other

A friend of mine reached out me on Linkedin with a mystery shopper job opportunity. My friend later told me that her account was hacked and she never sent me that. The representative mailed me a check of 2895 dollars with a set of instructions. Which included me getting gift cards from the apple store and sending it back to them with a filled questionnaire. I was skeptical because there were a whole bunch of grammatical errors in the questionnaire.

Adrian –

Victim Location 64068

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

After replying to an email (which I received through my undergraduate institutions office of career advancement) I was "approved" to be a Mystery Shopper. A couple weeks later they sent an envelope to my address with 3 money orders that looked very real. The 3 counterfeit money orders (each for the amount of $995) came from CommunityWide Federal Credit Union (1555 Western Ave, South Bend, IN 46619) that were processed on 5/10/2919. The "company" tried to have me become a mystery shopper for the Apple Store in my area. The instructions were to "deposit the checks into my bank account, purchase a personal money order for $25, purchase 2 Apple store gift cards ($1300 and $1350) and then contact the phone number provided for Michael Miller." Phone number is 716-391-2441. After purchasing the Apple gift cards I was to "contact for further instructions on how to complete the second task at the shop." The instructions also listed that "all merchandise and chashier’s check will be picked up by our verified agent at the Apple store after you complete your second task." It does seem slightly more dangerous if someone participating in the scam was actually present and able to meet you in person. This scam is not found on most of the websites that publish current scams, which is why I wanted to report it. The scam suggests that I would make $300 if I went through with their instructions. The letter/check package came from "Wendy Preston 12134 Esther Lama Dr El Paso Tx 79936", but the USPS postage shows it was sent out of North Houston TX 773 on 11 May 2019 PM11.



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