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Elizabeth – Jun 22, 2020

Victim Location 86323

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Our company was contacted by phone by a woman who was using a spoofed phone number. She offered business funding and when asked, said her company was a direct lender. She said the name of the company was Funding on 5th and that we could check the website to see that they were legitimate. After talking to us for a while, she said that we would be receiving an application from Marc Katz that we needed to fill out and sign electronically. We received the email, filled out the application and submitted it. We were asked to provide bank statements and a voided check so they could deposit the loan proceeds to our account. A few days later we were told that we were approved for a $215,000 loan. We were sent another electronic document and a e-check authorization for $3,000 by Benjamin Radner. I told him that they couldn’t cash the e-check because there was no money in our account. He said that the e-check would not be presented until the funds were deposited in the account. The next day there was no money deposited in the account, but the e-check had been honored by the bank and put our account further in the red by $3,000. The bank will not help in any way because we had signed the e-check. They have to know where the money went, but they choose to be uncooperative in this matter. I went to look at the website this morning and when you enter the address, it comes up saying the website is private. One red flag that none of us in my company noticed is that all of the emails, and the website, had no contact phone number, and there was never an email address that you could reach them at. We now require anyone who wants to talk to us about lending money send us a copy of their driver’s license and/or passport, and their personal cell phone number, which we immediately confirm by calling them while we have them on the line. Once burned, a lesson learned.



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