Frito Lay Ads Name Spoofing

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Janet – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 30281

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I responded to an ad on facebook to work for frito lay. This involved using your own vehicle with the Frito Lay decal displayed as an advertisement, which I would be compensated with $500/week for 10 weeks. I was contacted a few days later saying I was chosen to work with them. They sent me a check for $3593.00 which I was instructed to immediately deposit into my checking account. From that check, I was instructed to withdraw $2950 to purchase 3 money orders from the post office. I was also instructed that these money orders were to be used to pay the decal company involved in applying and removing the decals. I was told not to write on the money orders, that they needed to remain blank. I did as instructed to this point. The last step in the process was that I was to send all the money orders with receipts back to the company in Stockbridge GA via fedex or UPS. I was not able to complete the final step in the process today due to time constraints, fortunately for me. Today was when I learned that the check I was sent was a forgery and was immediately withdrawn from my account. Had I not received this notification from my bank, I would have sent them the money orders and been robbed of almost $3000. Account manangers’ name given in the email is Allen Moses.



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