Friedrich J. Michael INV MNGT Firm

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Jon –

Victim Location 11218

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

The following individual claims to be an online broker in the cryptocurrency forex market via his online page as follows. Recently, I requested online services within the forex trading market. On March 18, 2019, Mr. Micheal Jacob stated he would set up a trade account for me and as a broker he would trade and "monitor my account with algorithm softwares". He proceeded to inform me that when my profits are ready I would be able to make a withdrawals from my bitcoin wallet or bank account and pay the 10% brokerage. To get started, he informed me that I needed to purchase bitcoin worth $100. Once I did, he proceeded to connect me with a site that provides a trading platform. After that was set up he then asked me for an addition $900. As I grew suspicious, he began to insult me and get extremely defensive an unprofessional. At this point I proceeded to ask for my $100 back. As I was no longer interested in doing business with him. There were NO SERVICES rendered to me, so I had every right to request my money back. To refund my money I informed him that I had a PayPal and Chase app account he could refund my money too. He grew more aggressive and along with inappropriate insults he stated he would only proceed with a refund if I gave him my credit card info. Since I was just scammed I had no interest in potentially being a victim of credit card fraud as well so I told him I didn’t feed comfortable sharing my credit card info with him. There are so many means to refund or to wire a client back their money, but Mr. Micheal Jacob did not want to entertain any other avenue for a refund. Again, there were no services rendered and he took my money anyway. I have all the documentation via Coinbase for Bitcon, Bitfinex and screen shot to back up my claims. Mr. Micheal Jacob is a scam artists PERIOD. He simply refuses to refund money that he didn’t earn.



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