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Brianna – Jun 18, 2020

Victim Location 85142

Total money lost $2,030

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was looking for a King Charles Cavalier puppy, I emailed quite a few people. This Fresh Prince Cavalier wrote me back the next day saying what puppies they had available, pictures of the puppies, a warranty that was offered and a care package with each puppy. After a few more emails, they said that I needed to give the $800 puppy fee so they could start the paperwork and get the puppy ready for shipping. I asked for more pictures of the puppy, and they sent them. I paid the initial $800 on Cash app for the puppy. then they said that they could ship tomorrow, needed my address, nearest airport and email.Then they wrote back and said that the puppy had to be shipped in a special crate that had air conditioning, but that the fee was 95% refundable, the cost of the container was $1230, again they said 95% refundable, I then sent them that money. They said that the puppy was ready for shipping and paper work was done. Then a little while later they wrote back and said that the shipping company, Worldwide, called them and said that it is mandated that the puppy have life insurance to fly, but again, 95% refundable. The cost for this, $1498. I then said that I can’t afford anymore that literally that was all my money, they then tried to make me feel bad, saying I need to do it for the puppy. I told them no, and asked how about you front the money for the life insurance if it is refundable, they said oh we can’t do that. I then asked for my money back and they said too late, the puppy is being shipped. I then said, how can it be shipped without the life insurance? I demanded the refund back on Cash app, through text and email, with no reply, they then blocked me from their Cash app so I could not request a refund anymore.



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