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Victoria – Jun 19, 2020

My experience is absolutely the same as shared by #15899966. I has never signed any agreement on re-occurring shipment (as there is not such in my email), and I have never been informed on that in some period of time I will be charged the amounts of 94.94 and 97.84, from Prime Advance Body Plus and Motion Slender Body ace. This came like a thunder from the clear sky, when one day my bank account has been charged. This has never been any Agreement letter or conditions of the sale or subscription sent to my email. Only the order number. With the telephone number to the customer’s service. So, I was calling them, but they keep you on the line forever, with the proposal to press 3 and they will all you back, “But if there is too late in your region at the time when they can return the call, then call them tomorrow”. Meaning, you will never get the response from them. I am dealing with my bank, who I also reported the unauthorized activity immediately, and can’t share yet the results of the bank investigation. But I had to cancel my card, too. I am going to leave the same report everywhere including on Face Book

Kimberly – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 44663

Total money lost $202.68

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had saw an ad on Facebook saying Kelly Clarkson wanted to share Fresh Prime Keto with others after she had tried it and lost 50 pounds. They story said that Kelly had tried it after Ellen Degeneres had contacted her after hearing about her struggles to lose weight and she wanted to share this great product with her. It went on to say that it worked so well for Kelly that she wanted to share with others and pay for the product for X amount of people and all you had to do was pay $4.95 shipping and handling, just click here to get your free 30 day trial. So I thought what would it hurt to give it a try for $5.00 if it was being endorsed by Kelly Clarkson and Ellen Degeneres. I clicked on the click here button and a boxed popped up and said tell us where to send your free trial. I completed the box and then there was a box that said check here if you are over 18. I clicked the box because I am over 18. When I clicked the get your order button my order was not complete, it now wanted me to buy Fresh Prime Cleanse. I did not want the cleanse but it would not allow me to proceed unless and purchased the second item for an additional $4.95. I know that should have been my first clue that I should not have proceeded but I had already placed the first order and I was willing to give this a try for $10.00. Later that day I received and e-mail confirmation that my order had shipped and here was the tracking number through USPS. I checked the tracking and it said that the label had been created but the item had not yet been received by USPS. I checked the tracking every day for a week and it had not been received by USPS so I gave up and thought I was out $10. Lesson learned, first and last time I would by anything from a Facebook ad. Well I finally received that item around the first of June and took it out of the box only discover that is has a CAUTION warning that states do not take if under physicians care or taking other medication. Well I am both so I just said it a side and was still grateful it was only $10. I felt it was very unfair that the ad I read stated that information NOWHERE. So on June 8th I get a notification of fraud alert for a purchase to Fresh Prime Keto in the amount of $94.94. I stated to my bank that it was not an authorized purchase.. The next day the same thing, another alert and another purchase of $97.84. I called my bank, filed fraud charges and closed my card. I had tried calling the number on my bank account but only got a busy signal. I checked out the bottle and found a phone number so I called it. After being on hold for 45 minutes I finally got to speak to a lady. Told her my story and she told me, they never give a refund after 14 days and it had been 14 days. I said I had only had the product for maybe a week. She said the 14 days starts the day you order and you must cancel with in that 14 day trial period. Which now explains why they held the shipment for over a week. This guarantees a person does not get a chance to try there product. I said that I did not approve continuing charges to my account and she said you click the box that said are you 18 years or older and that also said that you would be charged if you did not contact them within 14 day. I assured her that I have never and would never agree to that and the box I checked did not say that. She that is how they work and that they never give a refund. I asked for a supervisor and she said that it would not matter who I spoke with, that no one that was there would ever give a refund. After a few more minutes on hold, I was transferred to Dimitris. I told him the situation and he said the same thing as the first person. I let him know that I had filed a fraud claim with my bank and I was not going to be ripped off by there scam. He said they are a legit company and I clicked the box and he had proof. He said I was direct to their website that clearly stated all he had said. I told him I was not directed to his website, I only had a box pop up that wanted to know where to ship the item. He finally then agreed to refund me 35% of my money and I said no, you will give it all back. He said 35% was the best he could do because after all they were in the right. I asked to speak to someone over him and he said he is it. He was the supervisor and the one in charge. I told him I would be filing a complaint with AG, and I would be sharing my experience with Facebook as well. I then hung up. He called me back a few minutes later and offered me 75% of my money back. I told him I would only accept a 100% and I would return the item to them or I was proceeding with seeking help and letting other know to be aware of there company. He said that was his best offer. We both said goodbye.



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