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Lacey – 21 h ago

Victim Location 94521

Total money lost $2,616.40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I reached out to the people about buying a puppy. We exchanged emails and then texts, signed a contract and then I sent money to pay for him. Then he (Ryan Austyn or David Landers not sure now) took the puppy to the airport to have him sent to me. Then I heard from the shuttle company (Star Light Pet Deliver) with a tracking number and everything was supposedly moving. Then I was reached out to about a "refundable" pet insurance needed to ship the puppy and I paid that and then I was told he needed a special crate to fly in as well. Again I was told this was refundable and not knowing what else to do went ahead and paid it. I had been given a flight itinerary and everything. They responded right away. I should have seen the spelling errors and the fact they didn’t address me by name. Then once I demanded photos of the puppy and legal documentation they told me he was shipping again and couldn’t but then some humane people stepped in and had him and I needed to pay them. That’s when I just stopped.

Chase –

Victim Location 46142

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website claims to sell French Bulldog puppies for $600 plus $200 for shipping. You have to email them first with your cellphone number so they can contact you because they do not want to list their home address on the website. After you commit to buying the puppy, they are very eager to ship the puppy out to you immediately so they ask that you buy the puppy soon via Zelle or Western Union. If you try to ask if you can come to their farm and pick up the puppy, they will tell you that their vet is against that. On the day they claim to ship the puppy to you the shipper will start to email you. They will email you stating that the puppy needs insurance and that it is reimbursable. The shipper will then email you again in the day to tell you that they are unable to ship the puppy out because the insurer left for the day. I believe they target the holidays because they used Easter as a reason the insurer left. On the next day, the shipper will tell you the puppy successfully boarded a plane but the plane will have to go some other destination. Not your destination. Once the puppy arrives there, they will email you again stating the puppy needs more things in order to be shipped to you.

Douglas –

Thank you so much for this review. I literally just experienced the same step by step interview via email and after typing in their email address/scam on google I found this.
The website online is called
They claim to sell for $600 and a $175 dollar shipping fee.
Their address is not in the website all it says is they are from Philadelphia.
Once I saw this I asked her “Bert” if we can set up a FaceTime call so I can meet her and the puppy before sending any personal information or money and they claimed they don’t know how to use a smart phone or how facetime works. Talk about a scam. Do not buy from LUCKY FRENCH BULLDOGS it’s a SCAM



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