Freiwild Commerz LLC Impostor

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Eduardo –

Victim Location 29687

Total money lost $2,407.66

Type of a scam Employment

This company is real the job offers are fake, checked on the company but did not go far enough to see it was a scam. All the papers they sent looked real, and they had just about every question a very good answer. They would pay off a credit card then give you a banking data to use to buy items (in this case computers) and pay the card off using the bank info they gave you. The bank info would go through but just so happened my wife got sick and I did not perform the way i wanted on the big order, but I had done a small order before I found out the bank info took several days to clear even if the balance on the account showed 0. This is the banking info they uses Ban.k Name Wells Fargo. Account # ***, account Routing # ***. It first went through but since i told them my wife came first I had to wait a few days then found out the data they gave me was false and their info bounced.I sent them an email saying they owed me for the first orde and only one I did. but never hr=eard a word since the email.



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