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Carla –

Victim Location 94607

Total money lost $1,495.90

Type of a scam Other

Well I recently purchased a car from platinum motors located in San Leandro California. The financial institution that help me finance the vehicle was Freeway Funding . When I went to the dealership I put down a $3800 down payment on a 2010 Toyota Corolla which was totally not worth it, I was then was pressured by an employee by the name of Ray that also works at platinum motors to pay for a $1495.00 auto warranty with the red shield. The only reason I’ve purchased the warranty was because it was my first time ever gone to a dealership and getting a car on my own, I did anyway because I was pressured by Ray, he was explaining the importance of having this auto warranty. So moving forward two months down the line I’ve decided that I no longer needed the auto warranty from RedShield that I purchased, so I’ve decided to cancel the auto warranty because of a different auto warranty that I was going to get a contract with, however I’ve called red shield and I’ve told them I wanted to cancel my policy. Red shield told me I will have to go back to platinum motors where I purchased the vehicle, and that the dealership will have to cancel the contract because they were the ones who ive signed the contract with, so a few days later I go back to platinum motors And I’ve spoken with Ray and he canceled the policy, however right after he explained to me that I would not be getting a refund for the $1,495.00 cash that I paid for the contract and that the money goes to the bank that helped me finance the vehicle. I was very confused because in the contract it clearly says that I can get fully refunded within 60 days of the contract, and depends on the mileage. And so he expressed to me that I needed to get in contact with Freeway Funding the financial institution, so I’ve called them right away, Miss Cindy the manager that works at Freeway Funding told me that she didn’t see that it was a problem for me to get refunded, and it shouldn’t be a problem, so now they both have me going back-and-forth with this business in this business and no one‘s giving me my refund on the contract it clearly states that the only way that I won’t get refunded back Is if I’d already filed a claim with a warranty with my vehicle and took it to the shop or perhaps got it fixed, however I’ve never made a claim it has been no more than 40+ days and the mileage on the vehicle was still low, so now I’m going through this confusion with Miss Cindy The manager from Freeway Funding, and she’s telling me that she doesn’t really understand the contract, and that she will have to put me on hold to speak with someone else that can better explain it to me, because she doesn’t understand or basically don’t know what the contract clearly states about the cancellation policy, but my confusing “how are you the manager, and you’re unaware of this contract?So then she goes on to tell me how “upper management” told her that I would not get refunded, so I’m explaining to her that I have the contract right here, and it doesn’t say that I cannot get refunded, and then she goes on and tells me that my car loan will need to be paid off in full before I can receive any refund. It does not state that in the contract ,nor did anyone tell this to me. This place is a complete fraud!!! I don’t think that they’re really in partners with RedShield, no one is professional enough to tell me what the contract says or to even point out certain parts of the contract. This place only wants to take your hard earned money and laugh at you now I’m in the process of contacting my lawyer.



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