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Alexis –

Victim Location 43604

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying to different jobs and Free Shopping Place called me to setup a interview . Made me sign a contract, I was sending out packages , receiving them , these packages were very expensive, I was told I would get paid 2800.00 today. They use a shipping system to monitor all packages. But since this the day I was supposed to get paid they took my email off there list so i couldn’t log back into the website .

I have been calling them all day and every time they have hung up one me .

Karl –

Victim Location 46201

Total money lost $3,800

Type of a scam Employment

You work from home you get paid once a month 2800 plus 800 bonus for mailing things on time, you pay no money up front, you fill out app get approved then you start receiving product take pic send it into your log wait on label to come print then send get receipt send pic of receipt in log, never got paid, Im getting put out of my house

Edwin –

Victim Location 48218

Type of a scam Employment

I encountered the scammers online searching for employment on indeed. The job description was something totally different on the website it said warehouse work part time but the hours were 10am-6pm mon-fri also the pay was $29 per hr. When I did the phone interview I was then told it was a working from home position I was asked did I have WiFi a laptop and a printer, my job duties were to accept, inspect, repack and send off packages to be paid $2800 monthly.

Katherine –

Victim Location 78228

Type of a scam Employment

hey so i got contacted by this company and still am not 100 percent sure if it is a scam but the more i get involved i believe it is. what i do for them is receive a package, check for an invoice and upload the invoice or tracking number to the online dashboard. from there they send me a prepaid shipping label in which i print out and put on the package for reshipping. although the website comes off as legit upon further review two of the team members have the same person as their profile picture just different angels, along with non hyperlinks for their social medias and the app itself. could be a cool chill opportunity but i believe after the month in which im supposed to get paid they will just cut off contact.

thanks in advance for your help and advice



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