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Peter –

Victim Location 46637

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Other

Was shopping around looking for a puppy because we just had to put ours down came across a Facebook site called free gorgeous puppies for adoption I sent them a message on messenger and was contacted back on messenger from a Susie Rodriguez saying that she had the perfect dog for me and it will be $400 told me that she was not in it for the money she just wants to make sure that her baby is go to good homes asked questions about my family went in and make sure we would good for the dog told me that she got hacked on PayPal so she had to download a cash app and ask me to download the cash app to and then I proceeded to make my payment for my puppy then she stayed in contact with me on messenger and went step-by-step what she was doing she was packing them up she was getting ready to go get him registered and have him delivered I’m airplane and then from the airport delivered to my doorstep everything was going good she had let me know that she dropped the puppy off he was getting checked in they should be a hold of me shortly shortly after that I was contacted by Express pet couriers phone number 304 470-8335 they told me to go check my email and they will call me back in 5 minutes so I go and check my email and it’s telling me that the puppy cannot aboard the plane because he does not have the right crate and tries to get me to purchase a crate I tell them I absolutely have no more money to give and I contact Susie I tell Susie I have no more money to give and she said well let me see what I can do and I’ll make sure you get your puppy she comes back and she said they lowered the price to $150 as if I could come up with any more money again I told her I cannot come up with any more money she says well I will make this right by you I will make sure you get your puppy just give me time to figure this out so time goes on today she’s still even saying hey you’ll get your puppy tomorrow everything like that well in the meantime I start calling my bank they’re telling me it since I use my debit card there’s nothing they can do they cannot stop payment cash apps has she had already gotten and they could not do nothing for me but all I could do was try to get her to refund it to me I asked her if she could not give me the puppy if she would refund it to me and then I noticed when I went back to look at the receipt on the cash app her name had changed to Pi us Junior which I thought was a little weird so that I took a picture and showed her the difference this is what it was this morning and this is what it is now what is going on am I being scammed I can’t believe I’m being scammed and she has not seen the message yet and she has not answered me back yet but I’m almost positive I’ve been scammed when I go back to the Facebook page and I looked her number was 302-478-3355 and then the delivery is 304-470-8335 I feel like such a fool



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