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Jacob –

Total money lost $18,250

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Hi there, i was contacted months ago by a girl named Holy Janet on instagram telling me about an investment opportunity with Fourtraders. She explained to me how the investment works and how to get started. I found the investement to be intriguing and decided to invest in this opportunity. She told me that a minimun deposit of USD 5,000 was required to get started. How it worked was that I was required to pay the 5,000 to join the 35 day plan. After 35 days, I would obtain 100% of my initial investement. If i was to reinvest, after the next 35 days I would obtain 150% of the funds in which I would have the option to withdrawl or continue to reinvest and continue earning 150% every 35 days. In order to be able to withdrawl, they required me to refer someone someone in which a 20% referral bonus would be sent to me. So I signed my mom up and she invested USD 5,000 to the company. The company sent me USD 1,000 for the referral which is when I started believing that this company could actually be legitimate. When I accumulated USD 62,500 I decided that i wanted to withdrawl USD 32,500 from the company. The company then told me that my mom was signed up under my name and in order for both of us to be able to withdrawl, my mom had to refer someone to the company. So my mom reffered my dad to the company in which he also invested USD 5,000. I live in Canada so our banks do not allow payments to be made for cryptocurrency transactions so I had to buy Flexepin vouchers at convenience stores and then I used online websites like localcoinatm to convert the Flexepin vouchers into Bitcoins. They provided me with a bitcoin addresss to send the bitcoins over to the company. After my dad had invested the USD 5,000 and after my 35 day cycle was complete, they said they would send me the USD 32,500. I waited a few days for them to send me the funds to my bitcoin wallet that I provided to them when I recieved an email stating that the IRS has paused the transaction and that they required 10% (USD 3,250) to be paid to the IRS and that they would take care of filling out the forums. I have some of the emails and screen shots of the emails they sent me requesting for these funds where they stated IRS form 8300, 1099-k form and finCEN form 105. So i researched these and they all seemed legitimate forums. So I was inclined to pay them the 10% of USD 32,500 that I wished to withdraw. I have all of the flexepin vouchers with the amounts that accumulated to over USD 18,000. Once I paid them the 10%, they sent me an email stating that the funds have been sent to my bitcoin address. this was not the case. They sent the funds to a bitcoin address that was associated to their company, I have proof of this as well in my emails. They then told me that they could not reverse the transaction that it had to be done manually through an encrypted transaction in which they required my login details for my coinvase account in order to do so (I took screenshots of my conversation with customer support during this whole process). i was inclined to provide them with my login details ortherwise I would not have recieved any of the funds. So while they were in the proccess of doing whatever they did, I started recieving emails in my gmail account that a request for my email address to be changed for LinkedIn and coinbase have taken place. Then they hacked into my gmail account and deleted all of the emails that fourtraders sent me during my investment with them.



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