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Keri –

Victim Location 92551

Type of a scam Employment

FMC International Global Forwarding and Logistics contacted me stating they were in the process of opening an office in Los Angeles, CA. and needed a Supply Chain Manager. They said they will pay me $98,000 U.S. Dollars a year plus 12% commission twice a year, that sounded too good to be truth, first red flag. The company sent me a Pre-Contract agreement, which I never signed, and started sending me case studies, with the promise that I will be paid $3,000.00/month as part-time; I will be getting a cell phone within the first week plus commission and more commission for the following three weeks, second red flag. All I had to do was work from home and after the first month, I will be upgraded to full time position and will be receiving over $8,000 a month, paid twice a month, while answering and working, from home, on the case studies, one more red flag. I tried contacting them, but they do not answer their phones. The person who sent me the original Email called me for a phone interview, her voice was a computerized voice, BIG red flag that alerted me. The name of the first person who contacted me was Amy Lewis, Ph# (347) 201-0382, the contact phone number that appears on the internet is (929) 383-5047. The case studies came from a person by the name of Nathan J. Fields, phone# (518) 531-6251. I researched the page and they do not exist. There is a company with the same logo, located in Alberta, Canada. I called Canada, and the Operations Manager told me they were warned about that company, which was using their logo and has been operated by Russians. The fraudulent company’s internet page is https://



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