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Janelle – Jun 29, 2020

Do not ever, EVER, deal with this company. If lucky, you’ll simply get scammed. If not, you’ll get robbed: losing thousands of dollars and your nerves.
Read below for details.

If you are lucky enough, here is what happens:
You see a listing for very competitive air fares that they offer. Excited about the deal: you book it. You think your trip is now all set and wait for the tickets… But they never come. Instead, one of their agents calls you saying that the seats are “not guaranteed” at this price, that you have to pay extra if you want to have them « guaranteed ». You decide to go on and pay the extra charge to avoid the hassle of searching and rebooking elsewhere. Then… still no tickets. They will eventually call you again saying the price has changed because the airline company raised their rates. You ask for a refund, but the process to get that refund is so overwhelming that you eventually end up paying the extra charge once again.
You finally get your tickets… At an even higher price tag than if you had purchased them directly from the airline company in the first place.
Since you’ve been nervous and stressed out for 3 days due to unpleasant back and forth with the agent, you are now relieved to have your tickets. This is when they start arrassing you to get a good review. Tired and drained due to all the shenanigans, you end up doing it. Hence the few positive reviews they get. Kind of like Stockholm syndrome if you will.
A very well oiled scheme anyway.

I started mentionning that all of this was “if you were lucky” which was the case for a friend of mine. I unfortunately heard about his experience after having my own experience with them.
My experience was much simpler: I paid, never got the tickets, refused to pay the extra money they asked for be, they never refunded me despite what they promised… Not a scam, just pure highway robbery.

Note: The name of the agent that served (or should I say « robbed » me) is Frank Rolston (probably an alias anyway), extension 404

Lindsey –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Booked a flight online on Dec2/19 from Halifax, ns to Montreal PQ at the advertised price of 196.69 for 2 people with the total fare of 393.38. I received an itinerary from them confirming the flights , flight numbers and fares with air canada being flight providers. On Dec 4/19 I received a call from the company stating that I now must pay double the amount because there was an error in the posted price . When I argued with the person( *** *** *** ***) he first said that the price posted was only for one way. I pointed out that the itinerary sent clearly stated that it was for return flights. Then he said oh it wasn’t that but it was a computer glitch and that I owed double I said that a computer glitch was not made by me the consumer and that if that was the case then it was his company’s problem. He kept insisting that I give him authorization to charge my credit card double the price which I would not agree to .

Website: www.flighttrotters.ca

Phone: +1 (844) 573-4079

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