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Margaret –

Victim Location 23666

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Inquired about a dog on sale on Craigslist. The seller I talked to had Virginia 757 area code. The seller’s voice indicated that he may not be a local and his english was lacking. As we spoke the price of shipping the puppy kept changing. It went from $630 to $950 to cover shipping, crate and insurance. The seller said he will have to use Fleet Global Logistics to transport the pet to my home. I heard of pet scammers using similar tactics and became suspicious. I hung up and block the number.

Christine –

Victim Location 89131

Total money lost $3,400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had purchase a puppy that was to be transported from Virginia. The seller used this agency and she has said that she has done several transactions with this agency. I had paid for the transport already. I receive an email from this agency to notify me that the puppy needed a vet check and city permit in Oklahoma. He was charging me 1500 in order to get his done. I was not made aware of an additional costs for the puppy to be transported from wither the agency or the seller. I have had several pets transported from various states and I never had additional cost added. When I could not immediately come up with the money, the agency added an additional fee of 450 for housing and feeding. The agency promised that all fees would be returned to me when the puppy was delivered. During this time, the agency sent a screenshot of a pet that the agency said it came from me, which it did not. I told the agency and the seller that they are committing fraud but they said this was all legal. When the puppy arrived in Vegas, the agency once again requested another 1500 for Vegas permit. I was done and told them that a city permit does not exist and they were lying. I stopped working with the seller and agency and started to file fraud to various agencies (e.g., FBI, Western union, etc.)

Alana –

Victim Location 67203

Total money lost $769

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was wanting a puppy, happened to come across one that i really liked. Emailed the “breeder” she kept in touch with me and i of course agreed to pay for the puppy’s Flight ticket $325. Then i get a call the next day saying i need to pay $830 for insurance on the puppy’s crate i told them i was never aware of any insurance, once again emailed the breeder and she said she would pay half of the insurance which was $400, i agreed to do so as well. Then it started to seem very fishy when they said they would refund me my money because i wasn’t aware. Today 10/8/19 i call them no one answers i text them and they are very quick to respond, I call again still no answer and about 20 minutes later they tell me the dog is in the state that i live in but se can’t be delivered to my home because she doesn’t have any vaccines. I call the airport in the state that i live in they said they have no flights coming in with live stock. SCAM. I then start to do some research, when the “breeder” was taking the puppy to transported i asked her to send me a picture of her, she did and it just happened to be that the same picture of the puppy she sent me happened to be on google. Someone from the “Vet Department” called me to tell me that i needed to pay more money for the vaccines, i said NO and he hung up. No one has tried to contact me since and i did email the “breeder” sent her screen shots of the picture on google that she sent me and no response. Be careful with these who have a strong accent because they are scamming you.



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