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Tara –

Victim Location 20721

Total money lost $1,329

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Below is a detailed account of my totally UNSATISFACTORY experience with online fitness equipment supplier, Fitness Best Buys (FBB), located in West Los Angeles, CA. The Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): FBB sold a high end fitness back via phone sale to me on 22 Jan. Over 2 months go by and in spite of phone calls and emails no one at FBB could give me a delivery date for my bike. After another week, I cancelled the order on 5 April and requested a refund. I was then informed that I would lose over $1000 in cancellation and restocking fees. Not wanting to get even more frustrated, I accepted the loss and received a refund check (not a Cashiers Check) from FBB. The FBB check was returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds at FBB’s bank, and now in spite of my calls and emails to notify of this latest problem, I have yet to receive a response from FBB. I would appreciate any Better Business Bureau advice for how to handle this outside of court but that appears to be my only recourse at this point.



My very frustrating and disappointing experience with Fitness Best Buys (FBB) began in January 2019 when I called to order a professional fitness cycle (Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Indoor Cycle) I selected on the website. The sales person was friendly and very professional. He answered questions and provided detailed info about the product. I completed the order and made the mistake of paying via bank draft, which the rep said would expedite order processing. With taxes and upgrades the total price came to $3147.00. Unfortunately, the completion of the sale on 22 Jan 2019, was the last professional business transaction I had with FBB.

From that point forward, I encountered nothing but stalling tactics, lies, and failure to return calls or respond to emails in a timely fashion. The sales rep stated my bike would arrive in 30 days but the fine print stated it could take up to 60 days. 60 days came and went and I experienced a series of lies, inaccurate delivery status info notifications, and non-responsive customer service for the next month as I tried to get a specific delivery date. I never received any credible info and after 1 April 2019, I cancelled the order. Upon cancelling the order, I was informed that the cancellation would result in forfeiture of over $1000 due to restocking fees, and cancelled shipping expenses. At this point I was so frustrated with FBB, I didn’t care. I just wanted to cancel the order, get my refund, and not have to deal with them any longer. They computed my refund and informed me I would receive a refund of $1817.60. It was mailed on/about 22 May 2019. I received it on/about 31 May and deposited to my account on 1 June 1019, thinking that the long, costly, and frustrating experience with FBB was over.

Unfortunately, FBB decided to add insult to injury by sending me a refund check that they could not cover. It "bounced" and was returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds on 7 Jun 2019. And now, in spite, of a week of repeated calls and emails to a seemingly non-existent Customer Service Dept, I haven’t received a single response. Unless you, as a for LA CA region have recommendations for how I can recover my refund, I assume my only recourse is to get a lawyer involved. So to all who are looking for high end fitness equipment online, BEWARE of Fitness Best Buys. I believe they try to pass themselves off as a large scale fitness equipment supplier but in reality there are only a hand full of employees who struggle to, at best, provide mediocre and untimely support after the sale. And if you do gamble and purchase something from them, use a credit card and DO NOT get sucked in to using an ACH bank transaction which only empowers them to be more unresponsive and keep more of your money if you happen to cancel your order.



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