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Audrey –

Victim Location 30068

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Employment

They reach you with a job offer (I was introduced to Stephanie Dalton and Patricia Young) for a shipping opportunity out of your home, called an Escrow Assistant. They promise $2500 per month, plus $20 per package delivered on time. Complete scam. I worked for a month; they owe me $2800, and no one answers my calls or returns my emails.

Roberto –

Victim Location 92582

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

Stephanie Dalton and Patricia Young responded saying I would receive $2,500 salary plus a $20 bonus for every package that I receive, open check quality control and ship out at the post office and UPS. I asked for my salary, but she said to wait. I have been receiving mail for the people that names are on the package, I have been suspecting that Stephanie buys things like gold coins, air compressors, Evo Samsung products under people’s names has the packages sent here and she then instructs me to ship to a completely different name and address. I have all invoices and shipping labels. she hasn’t paid me.

Tyler –

Victim Location 20877

Type of a scam Employment

I was first contacted by a Patricia Young, who is listed as the HR Manager. She called me and asked about three questions about my availability and work history and then immediately offered me the Escrow Assistant position. As soon as we hung up, she emailed me the login information which was the main website with “portal.” in front of it and told me to fill out some paperwork. After that, I was only spoken to by a Stephanie Dalton. Stephanie had me send pictures of my ID and proof of address then asked me to fill out a payment form. Thank God I never gave them my social security number. She then told me that they would be sending me packages, I’d look through them to see if they were in good condition and send them the invoice, and I’d forward the package to the appropriate customer. I really wanted this to be legit so I gave them the go ahead. A package came to my address today with someone else’s name on it. I’m absolutely not opening that so I returned it to the post office and asked Stephanie to cancel all other orders and told her that this job wasn’t for me.

Deanna –

Victim Location 33178

Type of a scam Employment

Last Thursday I was contacted by e-mail, by a person named Patricia Young, supposedly HR Manager at Fit-marketplace, for an Escrow Assistant opportunity. I responded I was interested and she called me 10 minutes later. She explained to me the job description and asked if I was interested, I said yes. She then asked me a couple of questions and ended the "interview". Everything didn`t take more than 3 minutes. Later on, she sent me an e-mail with my login and password. I got into the system and from there on I received and answered all forms of communication through this web-based site.

She also sent me by e-mail a PDF contract to be signed electronically which I did and explained that another person named Stephanie Dalton would be my trainer on my new role. they use this web site as well as their fulfillment site:

There is no news about this company on Google, I couldn`t find it at Sunbiz )Florida`s Company web database, the partners shown on the website once you click on them they take you back to the same website. Everything very suspicious.



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