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Miranda –

Victim Location 76513

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had got a letter in the mail and it looked kind of weird because I never got some like that and when I opened it I seen the check and I got the note and I read it and I was excited because I do remember like almost 10 months ago I had applied for Mr. shopper and I had forgot all about it I ended up finding a job so I forgot about it and I was so excited thought it was real I tried to deposit in my online banking But it was too much and then I was starting to feel a certain way about it and then I started asking questions and then I got online to see make sure it was real and it’s not I was just gonna throw it away but I realized that I need to report this because I almost crashed it into my bank account and I so needed the money and I don’t want somebody vulnerable that needs money and then receive something like that and put it in their bank out and then they really lose everything so I got online and looked at everythingAnd I believe it is a scam and that’s why am sending this to you thank you



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