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Kristi –

Victim Location 66214

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I have been receiving MANY robocalls from different numbers, same "urgent" recording about a back brace from Medicare. I finally pressed the button to tell them not to call me anymore. The operator said they were a patient advocacy group and he could not do this as I would have to fill out a medical assessment form first. I told him "no way." He kept saying he "wanted to help me." because I was "in pain" and one of my health care providers (he couldn’t give me a name) had given them my number so that I could get a free brace from Medicare. He kept asking me where my pain was, I told him it was none of his business IF I had pain. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he had no supervisor.

I asked him for the name of the company and he said, "First Premier Health." While he was on the phone I googled it, and could find nothing. I asked him for the website address and he kept repeating "First Premier Health." He evaded my question and wouldn’t give me a web address, all the while telling me he had by saying repeatedly "first premier health." When I typed "" the site was not valid and told him so. He began mocking me, accusing me of not being able to spell ("it’s not rocket science") then he asked me if I was "on something" when I kept asking him how to contact his company. Then he hung up.



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