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Mindy –

Victim Location 60639

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

These people have American names with thick Indian accents. They approve you for a loan. Then ask for $99. After that they ask for $350. I made the mistake of paying the $99. When I requested my $99 back they refuse and hang up on you. Total scam. How do these people sleep at night knowing they rip people off

Jonathon –

Victim Location 81326

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

A loan being held by IRS for tax perposes and took c dollers in Google play cards from me

Priscilla –

Victim Location 23601

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan


Patrick –

Victim Location 64755

Total money lost $530

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went on the internet looking for loans to help pay my credit card debt down and to help a friend out. First Choice Loans called me and said that I was able to get a loan through them after I finished filling out the application over the phone with them, I believe this was on March 19 or 20, 2018. They said I was approved for a loan. Then Mark Williams, the financial adviser, told me I had to $235 in Steam cards to get it started because that was one of the groups that they support. I thought it strange, even told them so, but had to buy $250 in cards because the cards only came in $50 or $25. They said I would get reimbursed the $15 on my loan. After I did this and read the numbers on the back of the card to him, he said would be in my account the next day. The next day came, the loan was not in my account, called Mark back and told him it hadn’t gone through yet. So he checked on it, then Mark came back and told me that the IRS had supposedly told him that my name on my income taxes and the application on the loan didn’t match to get it fixed and for their lawyers to correct it was going to cost me, I believe he said $255 more in cards. I didn’t want to do it, I was telling him off saying I had never heard of a loan company having to have their clients having to pay in to get their loan. Only because I needed the loan, the next day I called him back and went to the store. I told Mark that I didn’t want to do this because they would have another reason to not send me the money after doing this. And Mark told me, no Mr.——-, this will be the last time. Oh you have to go in the store first and call them when you are in the store so that you will get the right cards, per Mark. But because of the value of the cards again I had to spend $275 in Steam cards. So I read him the numbers off the back of the cards, and he said he would get the money in the account. He said it should be in my account Monday because it was Friday, March 23. On Monday, March 26, around 4pm, I checked my mobile checking account and the money still wasn’t in my account. I called Mark back to let him know that the money hadn’t dropped into my account yet. He said let me check, so after being on silence for awhile Mark came back and now he told me that there was a red flag on my checking account and that they couldn’t put it in there because they were afraid something might happen to it. But if I would pay $375 more they could fix it on their side, something about the FDIC this time, so that they could drop my loan, which had now grown to $2500 because of the money I had spent on the fees to the IRS and extra money spent on the Steam cards, into my account. I told him I wasn’t spending anymore of my money for this loan because I had already spent $530 and that I wasn’t spending anymore, I also told him I wanted either my loan or my $530 back that I had spent in Steam cards. And Mark told me they couldn’t do that, that they didn’t have the money there to do that. I let him know how I felt about their company and how they were a scam, in that they were taking people’s money and not giving out the loans. I was very irritated with him and did let him know how I felt about him cheating me out of my money and hung up on him. The next day I had a different loan go into my bank. So I called Mark back and let him know that a loan from a different company had gone into my account and he still said that they couldn’t do it due to the red flag on my account. In fact he told me to send the money from the other loan to pay for the $375. Again I told him that I want the loan or the money I had already spent back in my account and again he said that he couldn’t do it. He kept telling he couldn’t take the chance of someone getting into my account, I told him I will take the chance because I need the loan. He made me irritated again and I hollered at him over the phone. I threatened him with reporting them to the and Mark said don’t do that. Was very upset with him kept telling him I want the loan or my money back and he still won’t do it , but he keeps insisting that I pay the $375 to somehow clear something on their side to let the loan go through. I’ve let him know numerous times that this was the first loan place I had ever heard that has people pay in money to get a loan and that they want their clients to pay in the amount that they are borrowing before they get their loan. So I wasn’t going to bother with them again, was just going to leave it alone, but I had spoke to someone at my bank and asked if a loan can still get through to my account if I got one. And they told me yes, a loan can get through to my account. I told her about a loan that I was supposed to be getting, but they won’t put it through because they said there was a red flag on my account. She said how would he know if I had a red flag on my account if I did, they don’t tell anyone if there is or isn’t. So I called Mark back and told him what my bank had said, I told him the issue was fixed, and he told me it wasn’t fixed on their side till I paid the $375. Again I asked for the loan or my money back, and he told me he saw my loan in front of him, so I told him to send it to my account and he said not till I send the $375. Again I got angry and irritated at Mark, and again I called his company a scamming company and thieves. He kept telling me they wouldn’t do that, I told him that it looks they are. There were many times over these days that I told them to prove to me that they weren’t scamming me by putting the money into my account, but of course his answer was always we can’t do that till you pay the $375. So today I got so tired of the aggravation, that I told Mark if you are not going to give me my loan or my money back that I hope you all enjoy the cards for the video games and that I will not be calling you back. I wasn’t going to report them, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I didn’t want anybody else to fall into this trap for a loan that they would never receive. I also let Mark know what he told me before about the 2nd time I paid the money and he said I wouldn’t have to pay anymore in, so I told him that is what he said and he said that is before we found about the red flag, and I said yes then you will find another to charge more for something else after this, Mark then told me this would be the last time, I said yeah like the time that you said this would be the last time after the supposed IRS incident. I really didn’t realize the IRS gets involved with loans nor the FDIC, do they?



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