First Choice Australian Shepherds

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Dominique – Jun 19, 2020

The scam is the same person on phone number 539-999-9203

Beware I lost $800 to this scam.

Natasha – May 12, 2020

Citizen Australian Shepherds is the website I found. The scam is the same. No address, name or phone number. Wanted $650 plus $150 to ship and wanted payment with Zelle Pay that gives you no recourse if not a legitimate business. Finally got info that they were near Tulsa Oklahoma and the same phone number that someone else posted from marvel or first choice.
Roberta Hoke

Clinton – Apr 21, 2020

After several email exchanges, we reserved a puppy, but opted to pick it up and pay with cash. At that point First Choice/Marvel discontinued all contact with us. We tried to reach them for three days without success. Fortunately we did the research and discovered the scam.

Colin – Apr 16, 2020

I had almost the exact same experience as this person above, except we did pay the 800 via Zelle and they did send us a “shipping” confirmation. But the shipping company just happened to have the same guy’s voice and name. But needed the upgrade of the kennel to the cost of a 1000 dollars paid in Walmart gift cards. Gentlemen also had very broken English. No legitimate business in their right mind would take payments in the form of “Walmart Gift Cards” – Stay off this site.

Shanna – Apr 10, 2020

Under name of

Same story as above — was getting ready to arrange Zelle Payment as required. Noticed that business name came up as First Choice Australian Shepherds and that name of contact was also different from the Indian sounding man who said his name Am Ricardo—- from France living in Oklahoma.

Very sad— but glad I checked this site before creating a Zelle account!

Jerome – Feb 26, 2020

Victim Location 01301

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for an Aussie puppy and found this website which looked very legitamite and we exchanged a couple initial emails, they asked me a few questions about us like where we lived and if we currently had a dog, saying they wanted to get to know us to make sure they where giving the dog to a good family; When they were happy wirh my answeres trhey asked us our personal info, address and number and all that sayting they needed it to be able to ship the dog.. Everything sounded good until it was time to send the payment, they wanted me to send it through Zelle, I was to send him the payment and then send him a screen shot of the confirmation so that he could collect the money and then he would send me the puppy, thats when my alarm bells started to go offl and I started to think about my email exchanges, every once in a while the writing would be a little off, like broken english, at the time i just shrugged it off as just a fast typer but now it seemed like a little more. (more alarm bells) The email address he sent me for the Zelle account was some random name not associated with the buisness so thats when I decided there was something wrong with this site. I then told him that the Zelle wouldn’t work for me and was there another way to pay and did he have paypal. I also tried calling him and was givem an answering machine that was generic and not specific to the buisness., He then sent me another Zelle account to try and send the money with. Again I told him that the Zelle acount didnt work. I then called him and he answered, he had an acent and didn’t speak very good english. He only spoke to me about sending him the money and strayed away from other questions so I played along telling him I would send him the money. After not responding to him for several hours he sentt me an email saying I could pay him in gift cards. To go and buy a couple of gift cards from walmart and to lie and tell them that they where for personal use and to take a screen shot of the numbers and send them to him so he could receive the money and then send me the puppy. I ended all contact after that. After about 3 days I actually got a request from him through paypal asking me to send him $500.



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