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Jill –

Victim Location 78202

Total money lost $22

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was looking for a $10,000 loan with my bank. Because I filled out an application online looking for the best loan companies with the lowest interest rate I had applied on a trusted and safe site however it put my contact info out for loan companies to contact me. (my first mistake) I was unable to get approved for my requested loan amount by any company, the best I could get was 5k. I received a text message from First Cash Loans saying I was approved for 10k and to call 817.710.3316 to claim my loan. I called and a man named " Jeff Anderson" answered the phone had a strong indian accent and was VERY adamant that I do not speak to any other loan officers or work with any other company.

I assured him I wouldn’t, and we proceeded. He began to "verify" my information such as my bank number, my routing number, social security number, address, employer, income, and passwords. I "verified" everything giving them full access to practically my life!

He told me the way the loan works is, I would pay $175.76 every month for 66 months until my loan was paid back. I agreed to the terms, thinking shouldn’t this be in written secured and signed documentation. When I asked he said no, the entire phone was being recorded for the record. (Thinking to myself no its not, there was no pre phone call notice) As I continued on he said the way the loan works is they will wire $1400 into my account and they will request the money to be sent immediately back to verify that my account is active so once they have the $1400 sent back to their account they will send me the $10k loan.

When he sent the money to me it was for $1,445.76 when I asked him why that amount he said it was to cover the transfer fees. I let him know that I would not be able to get to the bank until the next business day due to being at work late.

He said he would call me at 7am the next day so I could go to Western Union in the morning to do the money transfer immediately. I started to feel skeptical because of how worried he was becoming but I figured maybe it was because he thought I was trying to keep his money. In the morning I was woken up by his call with specific instructions to send the money to First name Lizeth Andrea Last name Franco Pardo. To select sending country Columbia. It needed to be a cash pickup in 10 minutes and using a debit card only. He was so pushy and annoying I would yell at him that I understood and to calm down! I got to Western Union, transferred the $1400 as directed and sent a picture of my tracking number and receipt to show proof of my transfer to receive my loan. Something didn’t feel right so I got in my car and googled reviews for First Cash Loans. The first review I read was from a woman back in April of 2017 who spoke with a man with an indian accent and was given the same instructions on how to receive her loan. She unfortunately lost all of the money she transferred out. I immediately went back inside, ran to the woman who did the transaction, and told her it was fraud and someone was scamming my account.

She immediately got on the phone with the fraud department to freeze the transaction. I got on the phone with my bank explained the situation and told them I need my account deactivated immediately. I am so incredibly lucky everyone who helped me moved at such a fast emergency responsive pace because we were able to wire everything back to me! I only lost $22 due to the transfer fee that is no refundable. BUT what these people do is deposit a false check to your account, you send money to their account, and the check they originally transferred bounces putting you out how ever much you transferred to them!

I got calls and calls all day saying something happened to the transaction please call back immediately. I finally answered the phone and let them know I caught everything in time. Cancelled all of my accounts, called the police, turned in all of their telephone numbers, and cursed them out! I am one of the very few cases that made it out with their money back. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY COMPANY THAT DOESNT PULL YOUR CREDIT AND THAT WANTS YOU TO TRANSFER SOMETHING FIRST!!!!



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