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Rose –

Victim Location 15210

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The loan officer on the phone identified himself as, *** *** ***; I believe that is what his first name is, I couldn’t really hear clearly. He has a heavy Indian accent. He contacted me about a loan, from me applying to various companies online. He told me that I was eligible for $5000, but with my credit score, they would only issue me $2000, if they boosted my credit score 30 points. He set up a transaction plan, where they deposited $200 into my bank account, asked me to go to Rite Aid, purchase an Ebay gift card, and asked me to scratch off the back of the card to reveal the number, which I read back to him. He also told me that if I tried to run with the money, he would tell my bank to freeze my account, and I would be charged a $300 penalty. I suppose this was supposed to show that I had good faith, by returning the $200. He informed me that he would call me back 30 minutes after the transactions with further information; he called me 2 minutes later to inform me that they were having technical difficulties, so it would be about an hour, instead. He never called me back; I called him back approximately 7 times, leaving messages on his voice mail, but still no reply.



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