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My greetings to you. First let me introrluce myself to you. I am Mr. Javier A. Ceron, I am a financial

conJuhant here in Spain. I have a proposal that I wish to present to you. I am contacting you in regards to

my OeceaseA client, who died of heari attack. ln the year 2010, before hrs death, he deposited the sum of

(SfA,f OO,OOO,00.) Eighteen Million One Hundred Thousand United States of American Dollars, in a

Aun[ h"i" in’Spiin.-tte had no willwith the bank, no outstanding instructions in regards to this deposit

before his death.

After his death, the bank informed me as the Financial C,onsultant representative of my late client here in

Spain, to inform his family members or relatives to come foruvard for this claim.

I have carried out every efforts, to find any of his family members or relatives but could not get to any of

his relatives. Because of the new bankrng iaws in Spain, a lot of reform has’been made within the Spanish

Banking system; This includes the newluwon abandoned deposits/claims which indicates a duration in

*f,irf, r-r"f, deposit can be confiscated as abandoned deposit For this rea-son I decided to contact you to

present you as the next of kin family representative to my deceased client since you bear the same

sumame with my late client.

After my discussion with the head of lhe acoounts department of the bank, he said I should present

someone as the family representative for this clarm, lf not after a period of time the Bank of Spain will

confiscate this deposii as abandoned deposit, if it is done the top bank directors will share the depostt

among them, since nobody is coming for the Family Deposit Claim’

I have put in place all necessary documents concerning the release of this deposit funds, and it is my

intention to introduce this opportunity to you. Since my late olient died without leaving any instructions

before his death, and he told me in confidence that nobody else knows about thrs deposit. He lost his wife

and 3 children in a plane crash 4 months before his death

I will prepare all the legal &cuments that will prove you as the family representative. Upon your

acceptance to cooperate with me, I agree that 40% of this deposit will be for you as a foreign partner,

while 40% will be for me. Then 20% will be used for charity donation. For Security & Confidential

reasons I strongly advise that you respond to me by fax or email immediately you receive my letter’ You

should respond to me wth your private contact details below,

Full Name private Teleohone and Fax Number and vour Email Contact. Once I reoeive the information’s

trorn you, I will get back to you with more details and next step on how we will proceed with this claim’

ln oonclusion, it’s my utmost concern to demand your ultimate honesty, co-operation and confidentiality l

GUARANTEE that this process wrll be executed under a bgitimate arrangemenl that will legally protect

you from any breach of law.

Thank you and I look forward to hear from you.

Yours, Sincerely.

Mr. Javier A. Ceron.

Financial Consultant.



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