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Tabitha –

Victim Location 94403

Type of a scam Phishing

David Bell stated that the company, "Finance Business Solution" at First Wall Street. He stated that they do not have a website because they are restricted by the federal government. He said that if I qualify, they would send me an American Express card and I would need to send them back a check for the taxes or the IRS would come after me. He said that the credit card is ‘as good as gold. They do not put their name on it if it is not legit."

He said he would call back to let me know if I qualified. No SS# or address provided, but he knew the city I live in and my phone number and he said that the under-writers would run a credit check, that they do what they do and I did not need to provide my SS#. He said I would need to send them $18,000.00 for taxes, as the card would be for $100,000.00



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