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Rose –

Victim Location 54154

Total money lost $10,300

Type of a scam Employment

A message through LinkedIn was sent stating that Field Agent company was looking for mystery shoppers.  You had to fill out a application, once application was approved they sent you a description on why they need mystery shoppers for companies. After reading all the information they also explained that you would be filling out a report on the company you were assigned to. FieldAgent deposited money on your credit card so there was no upfront cost. After payment was processed and confirmed by you they would send you your assignment. Your assessment consisted of what store they wanted you to go to, what they wanted you to purchase and what you were looking for at each store to complete your assignment. After purchasing the items that were requested via email in your assignment you were to text your agent. After texting your agent that you completed task, you were to go to FedEx and ship merchandise to address he provided. If you had to get Gift cards you were to scratch off back of card and send picture via text. Before shipping any items out you were to take a picture of the back and front of phones and receipt to confirm items you got. After I completed my 4 assignments for Field Agent I checked my credit card all payments from two weeks ago were returned. Every payment they put on my credit card so I could go get the merchandise to complete their task was returned leaving me with all the expenses. Which is thousands of dollars!!!



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