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Bobby –

Victim Location 91102

Type of a scam Employment

After I filled out an employment form on their website I was sent a Citibank cashier’s check for $2860.55 with instructions to deposit the check into my checking account. The instruction directed me to go to my bank n purchase a cashier’s check for $10, the cashier’s check was to be made out to American Cancer Society. I was to record the time of my arrival and departure as well as the time it took the teller to process the cashier’s check. I was also to record the exact address of my bank and the name of the teller that processed the purchase of the cashier’s check. The second project pointed out on the instruction sheet titled ‘ Shoppers Research Project’ was to go to 2 different Walmart’s and purchase a Walmart Store gift cards with samsclub.com written on the bask of the card and fill them with 500$. I was instructed to buy 2 Walmart store gifts cards at one store and 3 more cards at another. Each card I would load with $500! I was also instructed, Expressly Forbidden, to disclose I was a ‘ mystery shopper’. After completing these assigned tasks I was to report: 1. Send a picture of the cashier’s check I purchased at the bank; 2. A picture copy of the Walmart store gift cards and transaction receipt. I was to peel n expose the last four digits and PIN number at the back of these cards. These scammers claimed that I was to use the funds they sent and for all my hard work I would keep $ 350 from the 2860.55 they sent. It turned out that the check these scammers sent was returned. But one of their sales pitch is that the instructions claimed that the check would be available in 24 to 48 hours which was all a BIG lie!



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