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Sandra –

Type of a scam Phishing

I cut this scam short so I’m not exactly sure of the end goal. Male Indian voice called me. I have an Indian last name and often get targeted scams in addition to general scams. He claimed to call from FedEx (see note below) and said he needed b y cell phone number to send me a tracking number for an incoming package. I asked from whom and he said ‘India’, as if the entire country is sending me a package. Expecting no packages from India (here’s where the last name aspect is relevant), I said I had someone at the door and could he give me a number to call back. Silence. After 10 seconds I hung up. I then called FedEx on their common toll-free number and spoke with a legitimate agent. She checked her records and saw no packages for me or for my address. (Note from above: But she also told me that the number he *apparently* called from was a legitimate FedEx number, just not one given out to the public). She agreed it was a scam. I had a second apparent FedEx call the next evening, this time from 437-370-8141. It was a customer survey from FedEx, and I *think* it was about my call into the call centre. I presume this was a legitimate survey call based on my call into FedEx for verification. However, it’s possible it was part of the first scam in order to lend a sense of legitimacy to the original caller. Call me suspicious.



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