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Francisco – Jul 02, 2020

Victim Location 75252

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

Been contacted by them multiple times despite having paid off my student loans over 6 years ago which if they were a valid federal program they would know that

They try and extract ssn and payments for federal loan and education funds / debt

Deanna – Jun 05, 2020

Victim Location 72653

Type of a scam Government Grant

When i called federal student loan they say since i have a forbearance they till September of 2021 they have no need to contact me and that is sounds like someone trying to run an identity fraud scam

Brent –

Victim Location 94066

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A Sharon Duncan called my old number to discuss payment on a student federal loan and left a reference number. I never applied for one, although my son just finished college.

I changed my number and get the same message, this time with a different reference number (reference no.: 404009).She never mention any name for who she’s looking for , only to say she wants to discuss payment about this " federal loan". It’s a scam.

Stephanie –

Victim Location 53110

Type of a scam Other

someone left voice message saying "Amy Nelson calling in reference to your federal student loan to discuss your repayment." Asking me to recall her at 866-518-8668. When you call that number and if you press 1 for "i do not have a student loan" a recorded voice comes on, sounds very unprofessional and says "you will be removed from our list. We will not call you anymore."

Ashley –

Victim Location 68005

Type of a scam Government Grant

Harassing call, pick up to rob call then and immediate transfer to call waiting with a new robot voice. Said student loan laws changed and they would rove them. Person then picked up, did not like being told I did not like the calls, started insulting me saying I had big balls to to be not wanting those services and laughed when I asked for a manger. Tried to get about 600.00 out for fees and payment. Continued to insult me the entire time. Called me a dumb [censored] and hung up when I said it sounded like a scam.

Samantha –

Victim Location 85209

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

A lady called and left a message twice. It was the same voice both times. It sounded official, I was impressed. The message was that she "needed to speak with us concerning our Federal Student Loan Repayment, about some changes in the student loan that recently went into effect". Then she says "here is my phone number but you know what, I am going to just go ahead and give you a reference number to reference when you call back"….

We do not have a student loan.

This was certainly the same woman. Sounded in her 30’s or probably 40’s.

The fist time, she said that she was Sharon Hill at 866-301-1414 (then a 7 digit reference number)

The second time, she said that she was Shirley *** at 866-308-2332 (then a 7 digit reference number)


I hope this helps someone.

Mallory –

Victim Location 67037

Type of a scam Phishing

voicemail left saying: "This is Stephanie Morris. I’m calling in reference to your federal student loan. I need to discuss your repayment options with some new changes that have taken effect recently. So if you could please be sure to just give ma call back my number is 866-582-0440." Then she gave me a reference to use when I call back.

Gina –

Victim Location 50703

Type of a scam Debt Collections

She (gave name Karen Walker) leaves a voice mail, the phone never rang. Said I need to call back and make arrangements to pay back the Federal Student loan. I have NEVER had a student loan.

Not really sure if it is a scam for sure. Weather or not she may have a wrong number. I’m not calling back.

Tamara –

Victim Location 59714

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They ask for your actual ffa right of the bat, and when you say you do not have it they all what your total loan amount is. If you reply none like me they hang up on you. I have requested them to stop calling me all the time, seriously they have at 2am mst, and i have a new baby that I’m trying to let get a good night’s rest! They just hang up on me when i request this and continue to call.

Caitlin –

Victim Location 30094

Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and made sure they had my information correct, told me I would be receiving $3000.00 in the form of cash but I had to call this number 240-232-6265 when I called that number I had to give a code SR175 then the man said that in order for him to release the $8000.00 to me I had to send him $250 western union or from my back! I’m not sending you money to give me free money where do they do that at??



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