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Alisha –

Type of a scam Government Grant

This scam came through my Facebook Messenger from a trusted friend I haven’t seen in a couple years and who I personally worked with for years. She mentioned she got a gov’t grant from a program called The Federal Grant Trade Commission. She said the program is for self employed individuals that need assistance paying for medical bills, buying a home, staring your own business, farmers, education, teachers, retired people, etc. She said it’s a new program that was established by the gov’t with the World Bank Help Traders. She said she received $90,000. I was shocked, but curious how this could possibly work. So I asked a bunch of questions and she said that I should apply and gave me this lawyers’ name and number. Her name is Attorney Patricia Morris and her email is [email protected] and her text number (only a text number) is 306-802-1432. I texted her and she responded with a couple questions, like what was my name, number, address to see if I was a legit person, and came back an hour later with a ton of confirmation numbers that I was able to receive the grant. Meanwhile, my "friend" is messenging me to see if I called this lady and if I received a response. I told her it was a scam and she was adamant that it was real and that she had received the money. She sent me links: http://ecsagrant.com/index-2.html, ecsagrant.com. Plus a link to Boost your Business called the Federal Global Economic Grant.

Vincent –

Victim Location 71055

Type of a scam Government Grant

A lady in the my church messenger me telling me about about this government grant and she got $90,000. I have heard of these programs before, so I checked it out. It sound good so I applied to see if I qualify,which I did.

Then they sent me the amount of the money I was qualified for. All I had to do is send $700 for $90,000 {money that was free.}They had different fees for amounts higher amount the money.

I got suspicious when I messenger my friend back to see how her earache was and to ask about her grant money. She didn’t know what I was talking about.

I did not fall for the scam. Just want to report it. Can’t send image.



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