Federal Gov’t HHS

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Walter –

Victim Location 49508

Type of a scam Government Grant

Pre-qualified and selected to receive a $6,700.00 USD grant to use to pay for medical bills, education expenses, or even holiday gifts. Selection based on being a good citizen, having no criminal record, and no adverse credit activity during the qualifying reporting period. Three options to receive money: 1) Western Union, 2) ACH bank transfer, or 3) check to mailing address. A one time fee of $200.00 USD covers the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) which is 100% refundable upon accepting and executing the transaction. Of the three options to collect the grant money, the first two are pushed as they are "immediately" executable.

The caller identified as being from the Federal Gov’t Dept of HHS and went by the name, Eric. Funds were sourced via Fed Grants and Treasury.



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