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Andres – Jun 17, 2020

Victim Location 36081

Type of a scam Phishing

Entered by ScamPulse.com Staff CF

Consumer’s mother who is a senior citizen received a call stating that she had an outstanding debt due to past fraud and needed to pay that debt or someone would be knocking on her door to collect, and in a state of alarm, the consumers mother called the consumer and put them in a threeway call so the consumer could help address this concern. The caller identified themselves as representing FCTManagementGroup.com, which neither the consumer nor her mother had heard of. The caller did not elaborate on the nature of the debt, but insisted that if they were not given bank account and routing numbers for payments of this debt, that collectors would be at the mother’s door.

Consumer was concerned and went to her bank to get the information necessary, but was recommended by the bank to slow down and get more information. When they called at the bank the number the call had came from, a ******* ******* ****** answered the phone and had no idea what they were calling about, but that it sounded like a scam. No information was provided, and the consumers mother now knows to ignore further incoming calls from the number.



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