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Gregory –

Type of a scam Tech Support

In March of 2014 – I entered an agreement with FatCow Web Hosting. Bacause I had done business with them before I purchased a web hosting package for two years. Online, they suggested I also purchase "SiteLock Security Package" which I did. I also purchased a dot org and a dot info domain name. I was contacted through email earlier this year and told that my domain names and SiteLock Protection would expire in March. I contacted them through a secure chat site that they host, ‘chatted’ with someone in south western India, near Gao, and opted for the ‘premium’ coverage for the dot org domain name and a cheaper version for the dot info name. near the end of May of this year, 2015, I received an email message from "[email protected]" informing me that they had found malicious or infected files and shut down my web site. When I asked what I should do to fix this, they ‘recommended’ that I should purchase their ‘911 + Fix’ plan which would cost me an additional $189.00 per year. — Part of the original email message suggested that I could upload an earlier saved copy of my entire website after completely deleting everything on the site. I tried to do this, but some of their reportedly infected files were inside the ‘stats’ folder which they had protected so they couldn’t be deleted. Other files they listed as ‘infected’ appear to be files that WordPress uses to check for updates and to be sure that themes and plugins are up to date. I have screenshots and saved email messages of all of this. A friend who has experienced cybersecurity fraud in the past suggested I cut my losses and go with somebody like ‘godaddy’ instead of allowing myself to be extorted out of twice the reported price of web hosting with FatCow



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