Fast Track Preperation

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Michael –

Victim Location 32829

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from Fast Track regarding my student loan repayment. I had filed for an income based repayment recently so I believed this to be legitament however I have a cold and have been really sick for days and now that I think back on the conversation it seems a little suspicious as they asked for the login info for my student loans (which I couldn’t remeber as its autosaved on my computer) so they wanted to reset it however claimed it wouldnt work. They said they needed it to view my loan info however I feel like if they were legitimate they would already have that information. The person was clearly new and nervous as he told me that several times and I remember him quietly at one point stating "Don’t worry tons of people are enrolled in this program I just want you to know that." The electronic contract they sent looked legitamate and I even went back and read it the only thing I now question is the first 4 payments are listed as enrollement fees.



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