Family Emergency

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Jared –

Victim Location 75002

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Received a phone call saying ‘this is Zachary’ (my grandson). Sounded just like him.He said he was in a taxi in Atlanta, Ga.when the police pulled the taxi over for a probable cause and found drugs and a unregistered gun. He was now in jail and needed $20,000 for bail. He asked that I call his lawyer (Howard Anderson) at 250-609-2997 for details. I called the number (sounded fishy) Anderson told me that Zachary was an innocent victim and that $20,000 would get his trial moved to 2 or 3 days from 6-8 weeks. He would get released after he told his side of it. Anderson said the taxi diver would be held accountable.I than asked where Zachary was being held. Anderson gave me the number of the police station. He had the number handy..236-333-5577.I called that number and a person who said his name was Officer Keith Daniels answered. Officer Daniels had Zachary’s file handy and had little Information to add. He said that the offense (carrying drugs) was the reason for the $20,000 Bail. At this point I hung up and said I would get back to him. I then called Zachary’s mom who said Zachary was in his room and not in Atlanta. We both concluded the call was a scam. Lawyer, police officer and someone impersonating Zachary were all involved.

Alexis –

Victim Location 14224

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Victim contacted by unknown subject via telephone landline and advised his nephew was in a San Francisco jail. Victim advised to obtain (4) prepaid Visa gift cards in the amount of $1,000 each. Victim complied and provided subject with card numbers and pins. Victim’s son able to recover $1,200. Loss of $2,800.

Todd –

Victim Location 14224

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Victim responded to a "Family Emergency" via compromised friend’s email address. Victim purchased (11) $100.00 Walmart Gift Cards and forwarded gift card numbers and pins via email address.

Michele –

Victim Location 14075

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I got a phone call from my 83 year old father that my son was arrested in the Dominican Republic – my father said it didn’t sound like him but he needed bail bond- not to tell anyone- he said the American embassy is involved and he passes a drug screen- but they had a lot of drugs and he didn’t have any knowledge but was so embarrassed- he asked for the money to be sent by money gram- my father luckily is a smart man- he almost fell for the don’t tell my parents but as a family we are close- unlike many elderly- so sad and I am irate –



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