fallen police officers

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Ronald –

Victim Location 44632

Type of a scam Charity

Claimed to represent a charity that helped families of Police Officers fallen in the line of duty. Asked to count me in for a $20 donation. When I declined he asked if I would consider a donation of $15. He said that $15 was the lowest I could donate. I asked if he would send me information on the charity and he replied he didn’t have any literature that he could send. Then he said he would send me the information, However, he had to list the amount I was willing to commit. I asked for his telephone number so I could call back after thinking it over at which time he said they had no telephone number that would receive calls. I told him I was unable to give at this time and he kept insisting I would be able to at least send $15. Again I informed him I was not able to donate now. He finally said goodbye and would call back later when I would be able to donate. He applied strong demanding tactics to force me to commit to sending money NOW! I then hung up the telephone and called the local police to inquire if this was a legitimate charity.

Sharon –

Victim Location 68506

Type of a scam Phishing

Very forceful male voice starting out "Can you hear me?" Like a fool, I said "yes." He needled me about what size donation I would be willing to make for Fallen Police Officers. I asked him to put something in the mail, and I’d consider sending a check. He then switched me to a female voice who asked credit card information. I repeated to send something in the mail, and hung up. By replying "yes" to the male’s questions, I fear I agreed to something I had no intention of doing.



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