Fake Purchaser on Instagram

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Dana –

Victim Location 43701

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Last week, during the day I am an independent beauty rep. A woman, Julie, contacted me through Instagram, asking about my products, we did a mobile to mobile deposit into my account on the 8th. The deposit said $2500. The account is a joint account with my mom. I purchased merch for this lady. On Monday morning, I saw my Instagram account had been hacked, and the picture was an older man, Andrew Lane, looking for a sugar baby saying please don’t scam him. Then I started getting messages from Huntington saying my account was overdrawn by $2000. I went to the bank on Tuesday and got on a payment plan. On Wednesday I went back to the bank, as I had 2 more Mobile deposits made into my account. I haven’t touched that money. There were $2000 in Walmart cards involved. The people I sell through said if I send the products back they will credit my account, but I will never be able to sell through them again. I went to the police department, waited an hour, nobody helped me. I shut down my Instagram account. The Eagle Loan Company gave me ScamPulse.com’s number.



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