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Denise – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 38301

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Phishing

I ordered an item online using paypal. I never received the item and wanted my money back. I was having a hard time getting anywhere with the seller so i thought i contacted pay pall. I googled pay pal and called the number that came up. The man on the phone answered "pay pal". He asked me some questions and i answered them because they seemed reasonable. He then told me he needed access to my computer to resolve the issue. I allowed him to and he began to tell me about and show me pornographic images on my computer. I was horrified. He said they could get ride of them and that i needed to go get a $400 gift card. He told me it would have a secret code on it to resolve the problem. I purchased the card like he instructed and he told me to get another one. I did. He then told me that i would be refunded all the money because it was paypal’s fault i was hacked I gave him my banking information and credit card information He somehow put money in my account, and sent me "proof", but i was contacted the next day by the bank fraud department and my account was frozen. The same with my Visa card. He told me this was normal. I got more gift cards. This went on for a week. I spent $1600 in gift cards. He is still contacting me for more money and is now telling me if i don’t "take care of it" people will find out about the porn that is now on my computer. I called the ScamPulse.com and was told this is a scam. I was never dealing with pay pal. I am reporting to the police.



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