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Calvin – Nov 18, 2020

Received a call from Adam stating that my wife owed them money and was a debt collection company. Did some research and this bill was supposed to have a curd back in 2010, did more research and the statue of limitations written contract bill is 6 years. according to ARS12 – 543. Company refuses to send written proof, even the credit union does not have anything on this. We would like to know what we can do to stop the texts, phone calls. Real funny thing is the phone number they have is a new phone number would like to know how they got my number but not my wife’s number, A When I returned their call today I asked for the mailing address of the company. They immediately hung up on me! Stopped them in their tracks as they knew I was probably asking for the address so I can send them what’s known as a debt validation letter and a cease and desist letter.

Sandra – Nov 17, 2020

I have been receiving calls from DRA for the last two months. I don’t answer the calls and have tried to block them, but they call back on a different phone number. I don’t have any outstanding debts, they either paid off or have been taken off the books because the debt was over 7 years old.

Ricky – Nov 14, 2020

Good eve. these people from DRA is calling me everyday twice a day also calling my sister everyday I don’t owe any money to the company they say I owe never heard of the company. What do I need to do to get them off my back and stop calling family members.
[email protected]

Jacob – Nov 02, 2020

I continually receive a harassing calls from DRA for payment of a payday loan that I have never took out. The last person who called me called me a [censored]ng b***H because they couldn’t get me to pay the bill. This is definitely a scam.

Miranda – Oct 31, 2020

My complaint is the same as the others. They call you from different phone numbers with different area codes. I don’t know who they are and I’m not paying them any money.

Curtis – Oct 30, 2020

October 29, 2020
Just an update…
I phoned DRA on Tuesday evening and spoke to numerous “Agents”, I asked repeatedly for “ a full verification of the debt” I was screamed at and told they would do me a favor and burn my house down, I was told they will repossess my car, asked why I won’t pay my debt? After I jammed their phone lines for an hour, I was finally asked by them why do I keep calling? I said you called me 5 times a day for a month and left a voice mail on my recorder at work. I finally, after 15 phone calls, spoke to “Alice” who said she would e-mail the verification of the debt to me right away. I would have within 15—20 minutes this was at 5:51 pm EST. It is Thursday and I have not received anything on my e-mail.
I called again last night and asked again for the full verification of the debt along with copies the “numerous letters they mailed to me in regard to this” and I still have not received anything. They verbally assault folks and belittle them and berate them, I can hear them screaming at folks in the background, when I call. Wednesday evening when I called, I explained to a man who I was passed along to after several transfers and hang ups that as a “Debt Collector” they are obligated to send me full verification of the debt and copies of the demand letters they had mailed to me, I said I need this for my Attorney. He said he would have to check with the original debtor, I explained that since they bought this “debt” for probably pennies on the dollar from “Insight Capital LLC” DRA are now the ones who own this debt, and need to provide full verification of the debt, and provide copies of all their demand letters and any other correspondence to me, I mentioned that mail fraud is a Federal Crime.. He seemed bewildered by this and he hung up on me.
This afternoon at 12:51pm phone # 239-734-4725 I received a robocall from DRA from “Peter” he said if
“I don’t pay the debt by 11/04/2020 they will send a skip tracer after me.” “ Peter” left a voice mail.

I called again on 10/29/2020 at 4:45 pm to obtain their correspondence mailing address to send them a certified letter asking for the full verification of the debt along with copies of their numerous demand letters they sent to me at my address (of 10 years ago.) I was passed around and hung up on numerous times. I finally got a man on the phone and received an e-mail with an undated notice, please see the following. I kept the man on the phone to look at it and told him this is not a verification of the debt and that I need full verification of the debt along with all of their demand letters that they put in the US mail to me. I said please provide your correspondence address, so I can send a certified letter requesting these items. I said by law you have 30 days to respond with the items, once you receive the letter. He said they will take the money from my bank account today, and then he hung up on me.
Today 10/30/20 at 11:45 am I again received a robo call from “Peter” saying I need to pay by 11/04/2020 or they will have Skip Tracers find me.

Dawn – Oct 28, 2020

Update… Last night I called them 15 times asking for “full verification of the debt” I was passed around and around and around and disconnected several times. One man said I will do you a favor and burn your house down, lol.. another said they will re-possess my car LMAO! Eventually “Alice” said she will e-mail the verification to me within 15-20 mins.. still waiting, she also said there were “several letters mailed to me regarding this matter” to my address of ten years ago. So now I am going to call them again non-stop this evening looking for copies of the letters – Mail Fraud?emailed to me and again the “verification of the debt” they said why do you keep calling us? I said you called me 5 times a day for a month… enjoy! I assume there are approx. 15 people in the call center and I jammed their phone lines for a good hour. just calling with dead air, laughing, just saying “how are you?” asking to be put through to “static dude” the supervisor so he can tell me about myself.. It was fun!

Leonard – Oct 27, 2020

They are totally bogus… harass the heck out of them until the stop.. call them non-stop and harass them. my calls stopped now. I also filed a complaint online with the BBB last night and sent an amended report to my State’s Attorney General’s office including them along with Bradley and Weinstein another bogus scammer. call them non-stop and harass them until they lose your number, lol.. be a stalker

Megan – Oct 27, 2020


Jonathan – Oct 27, 2020

Your reply call them back non-stop and harass them.. that is what I am doing. leave them with dead air, tell them you are terrified, lmao! just call them and call the and call them. Make a complaint with the BBB (as I did) and the Attorney General’s office for your State.

Ryan – Oct 24, 2020

Christopher Adams or Latoya Jackson call me daily. I let it go to voicemail. I went to the website they provided, which they had me in their system for a payday loan I never got. I left messages on their internal
system informing them the debt was not mine. I then requested their address which they did not reply to then I said they needed to provide the proof of the debt which they also did not reply to and they continue to call me. I know they are not legitimate #1 I don’t owe the debt #2 I’ve never had a payday loan, I don’t work and haven’t in over 15 years. My State Attorney General is willing to respond to them but he needs an address and I can’t find one.
I just want them to leave me alone and I’d like to see them prosecuted. There’s story after story on the internet of people who have been scammed by them and I can’t believe they’re getting away with this. If anyone has an address for them please post it here.
I’m very sorry for all of us going through this harassment and we should not have to. Thank You.

Manuel – Oct 27, 2020

Look the up on the BBB they have a PO Box in South Carolina

Brooke – Oct 13, 2020

Forgot to add if you want to send a debt validation letter you can look up samples online, although I think a request for their mailing address might be enough to get them to stop calling. I will post again in a few days to give an update.

William – Oct 27, 2020

Static Phone dude (the Supervisor I guess) won’t send a letter… he screamed and yelled at me said I don’t want to pay my debts. He had an address for me from 2011.
I refused to give him any info… They haven’t called me today. I harassed the heck out of them last night for an hour or so, called and left dead air, called and said I was terrified, called and laughed hysterically, called them scammers, just was an all around pest. They called me from a Florida Phone number 407-305-8662, call and call and call and be a pain.

Taylor – Oct 24, 2020

yes please do update here as I think many are having the same experience. More voices adds more power and perhaps we can get them taken out.

Erica – Oct 13, 2020

Just recently started getting calls both from Christopher Adams and LaToya Jackson! Please! When I started calling back and breathing heavy on the phone or making funny noises when Chris called and the line hung up and then started redialing about 5 or 6 times before hanging up completely! Then LaToya starting calling. When I returned their call today I asked for the mailing address of the company. The heifer immediately hung up on me! Stopped them in their tracks as they knew I was probably asking for the address so I can send them what’s known as a debt validation letter and a cease and desist letter. Yes, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to ask that the agency supply you with the exact amount of the debt and the name of the original creditor. You must give them 30 days to respond but trust me they won’t. If in the rare instance they are bold enough to respond then you have 30 days to respond and the cease and desist letter warns them of federal complaints filed against them if they try to contact you in any way to try to collect the debt. Given that every time I returned the call and showed I was not intimidated and they hung up is proof that this is just a scam or at best a very unscrupulous debt collection agency.

Regina – Oct 02, 2020

Have received multiple phone calls but did not answer from number 888-451-9670. A male voice left a voicemail message:

“This is Christopher Adams with DR and Associates. Obviously we have called you before to no avail. It is important that you call us back and resolve this matter immediately. Call us or go to www.gotodra.com.”

When you go to the site you can enter your phone number and the last 4 of your S.S. It will then bring up info of the debt that is “owed”. … It looks to be a pay day loan or cash advance that I never did and from a state that I haven’t lived in for 15+ yrs.

Benjamin – Sep 30, 2020

I have been getting at least 3 or 4 voice mails a week from them without knowing who they are or what they want, the message is just some generic message saying go to there mobile website, before last week they had some mans voice doing the recorded robo calls ,last week they started using latoya jacksons voice. I have enhanced caller ID on my phone which has been listed on do not call list for 9 years. everytime i get a robo call from them i block the number then the next time its a different number over and over again , this has been going on off and on for months but past 3 weeks it seems i get a call a day, have already reported them to the feds but still getting calls

Erica – Oct 27, 2020

call them back and harass them.. Florida phone # 407-305-8662. They will put you through to Static Dude who will berate and belittle you for not paying your bills, LMAO! Ask for full verification of the debt too. he will not provide it and will just flip out… File a complaint with the BBB and your State’s Attorney General’s office, I have.. Do not give them any info.

Tina – Sep 27, 2020

I have been receiving phone calls day & night, every day of the week for two months. The “person” they are looking for, I don’t know. I’ve had this phone number for over 40 years and no one by that name has been here. I try calling them back. I’ve tried going on line to reach them. No luck. I just want them to stop.

Lauren – Sep 17, 2020

Received a call on 9/17/2020 stating he was Mike Adams from #347-808-6225 and 843-420-1838 stating i had two payday loans one in 2012 and other in 2013, received info 27 days ago and i was to pay a settlement or get reported to credit bureaus. Called bank they have nothing of any payday loans on my acct. They had employer, ss# and bank account info.

Bruce – Sep 16, 2020

Numerous calls from this person all different #’s & Times & 1 text today from 919-351-6064 (NC #). A male voice left a voicemail message: “This is Christopher Adams with DR and Associates. Obviously we have called you before to no avail It is important that you call us back and resolve this matter immediately. Contact us @ go to www.gotodra.com.

the site does take you to their website with this # listed: 888-451-9670 all other calls have come @ various times & states… Here’s a list of the #’s : <span title="919-295-6806/623-444-2322/800-483-8314/908-373-8632/908-321-8382/208-295-5807/208-324-8367/515-606-3450/210-686-1198/949-751-0360/908-698-9767/231-241-2156/310-591-5682
919-295-6806/623-444-2322/800-483-8314/908-373-8632/908-321-8382/208-295-5807/20… />
My phone is on the Do Not Call Registry(a lot of good that’s doing)/ Am an essential worker(swing shifts ) & this goes beyond harrassment

Shana – Oct 27, 2020

Destroy them with Phone calls clog their lines and leave them with dead air.. I am doing that on my drive home from work this evening, hit redial and do it again and again and again, laugh at them, call them scammers, leave them hanging do it again and again and again, it is fun! I haven’t gotten harassed today yet… they were calling me numerous times a day. I have a Florida # of 407-305-8662. I had another bogus debt collector Bradley and Weinstein try the same BS, who I called 34 times on redial. They now have me on permanent busy signal..

Frederick – Sep 11, 2020

Called from 910-839-9143. A male voice left a voicemail message: “This is Christopher Adams with the offices of DR and Associates. Obviously we have called you before to no avail. [It has never called before.] It is important that you call us back and resolve this matter immediately. Call us [no number given in message] or go to gotodra.com. There is relief from debt collection during coronavirus, but later credit will be important…”

You would think they would at least address the person they think they’re calling…

Erika – Sep 11, 2020

Victim Location 90755

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Scammers! Receiving multiple phone calls multiple times a day from different numbers claiming I owe some mystery company money.

Scammers! I got a voicemail on my cell claiming they tried to collect a fictitious debt directing you to a website to trick you into paying them money I received a call on my cell phone and missed the call and they left a voicemail. When I heard the voicemail and realized it was a totally bogus claim I tried to call the number back and it was a dead number. In the message it was a "Christopher Adams" who claimed they’ve tried to reach me to no avail and using scare tactics like they urge me to "resolve this matter" once and for all. Then he says I need to go to their website www.gotodra.com to resolve it. He also says that if the payment is made online the debt is "reduced by 80%", trying to create a false sense of urgency to only use the website. On their website it states "As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have slashed online settlements and will take virtually any payment plan to stop collections."

I put my number in an NO MATCH was returned. IF THERE IS NO RECORDS FOR MY PHONE NUMBER, WHY ARE THEY CALLING ME MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY (from different phone numbers)?!

These scammers should be stopped ASAP!

I have read other complaints here on ScamPulse.com and DRA’s response is always ‘people change their numbers all the time’. I have had this number for 20+ YEARS. My number returns "NO MATCH" on DRA’s own system. WHY ARE THEY CALLING ME?!

I am SURE they are trying to get people to call them in order to extort money for, most likely, fictitious debts.

Reginald – Sep 30, 2020

i have had my number for 12 years myself and yes i have been getting robo calls from them using different numbers and area codes every single time. somehow there computer gets through my enhanced caller ID to ring on my phone instead of straight to voicemail

Amanda – Sep 03, 2020

Victim Location 77373

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Tried to collect debt that never existed. Even had my wife’s last 4 of SSI#.

Website: www.gotodra.com

Phone: +1 (919) 351-6064

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