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Mitchell – Oct 15, 2020

We found Dolf whole searching for a puppy during quarantine. The guy called me to answer my add but after that call it was by text or email only. I spoke to the shipper many times. Out mistake was that we didn’t FaceTime with the “puppy” just photos. We communicated a lot for about a week and thought this was legit.
We were all set to ship the dog and got an email that the dog was dropped by the owner in the wrong crate so we need to give a refundable deposit For the proper crate- we thought it was weird but did it. Then we get a call that the dog made it to it layover destination but now told they “forgot” to add pet insurance and can’t get back on plane until they get it. That’s when we knew it was a scam. The address they gave us was N Carolina and I called the police who went to the address and told me “ they didn’t have any animals there” well of course they don’t, it’s a scam. They use disposable phones and we called and reported them to anyone who would listen. I’m so glad they were tagged as a scam, there were no reviews when this happens to us.
There are some bad and despicable people out there.

Ashley – Aug 24, 2020

I replied to an advertisement about an 11 week old golden retriever puppy (Molly). After texting me questions about my pet ownership history, I suggested we speak rather than submit answers via text. Excuses for why they couldn’t speak to me on the phone. I asked for pictures of the parents and received two stock photos. They failed to answer any of my questions about the registration of the parents. The website indicates the puppies have an acre of land to explore but the address they gave me to see the puppy was an apartment in Santa Monica, CA. Needless to say, I didn’t go but wanted to warn others of the shady operation!

Martha – Aug 15, 2020

Victim Location 01590

Total money lost $3,200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking online for a puppy, after the recent death of my dog Chloe. I found the Dolf Golden retrievers website and contacted them about the puppy Habibi. I was contacted via text and email and arrangements were made to have the e dog shipped to me. Everything seemed fine until the dog arrived at the shipping location. I even received pictures of the puppy on his way to the shipping location. Then I received an email about a thermal shipping crate that was needed for the transport and later another that the puppy needed more vaccinations at a check point. All of this came with fees that needed to be covered. The sender all of a sudden was having issue with her daughter in the hospital and then her dad died and her mother was having issues and cant pay the fees. A month later I am out $3200 and no dog still.



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