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Stacey – Dec 07, 2020

I had basically the same thing happen, guy wants to buy the car within the week cause he really needs it. He thinks the price is fair no negotiation. Then he wants this title check thing and luckily I’ve been on my toes sniffing out scams ever since I listed this car. I called my state dmv and they’ve never heard of the website but told me he can just call with the vin and they can answer yes or no questions. Currently just playing dumb with the scammer.

Brandi – Nov 27, 2020

Had a similar experience with someone named Steve. Phone number 1(213)297-4057. He offered me cash in hand and wanted to pick up the car the next day because he needed a vehicle desperately. Red flag #1 was that he didn’t ask me how much the car was. During the rush of things I didn’t question to ask if he knew. He then asked for a meet up time and location. I told him 10am the next day and he agreed. He then asked for a DTC before taking time off work to come by. Not knowing what it was I did some research and told him I didn’t have it. He then sent me a link to and told me to do it there and send him the report before he would come tomorrow. I filled out my information on the site and didn’t question his intentions because in a way it made sense to get a history of the vehicle before wanting to purchase it. Right before I clicked to pay the $25 fee I decided to do some research on the site just to be safe. My husband and I had been scammed before so it never hurt to do a little research. After a few hours or friendly banter with Steve and doing research online I realize the site is a scam. I even called the number he texted from and he never picked up, never asked why I called, and my call would ring for a few minutes and then go straight to voicemail. The other Red flag is I only gave out my number to 1 person named Clement and when I pressed him about how they got my number they said a mechanic gave him my number?
I then asked if I could do the vehicle report history from a different site but he became angry and wanted that specific site. He never responded. I then asked him “since you’re buying with cash in hand do you even know how much I’m selling it for? At this point I’m sure he knows I’m onto him because he hasn’t responded back.

Jamie – Jul 03, 2020

Victim Location 98584

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was Selling my 2017 Kia Soul on Craigslist and got a text from Vincent who seemed to be an interested buyer. After asking some initial questions and saying he wanted to come by and see the car. He asked if I had the NCP Report on the car. I asked what that was and he said they were papers only I could get as a Seller. I had an idea what he ment, and thought to have him pay for it and then take the cost out of the car. However in my rush to sell the car I decided to go to the site he recommended which was He had also sent a screen shot of the site, which I have attached. The thing to watch for is they will say they will buy your car for asking price, not even negotiating or having seen it. This is a Huge Red Flag. They also will direct you to the site of their choice. I went to the site and the Chat rep was a Brian Knowles. I asked for a discount and he said the best he could do was $15. The initial payent was $25. I agreed. Entered my card information and got the report. It looked valid, but I became very suspicious. I immeditatedly called my bank the next day to report the suspected fraud and asked to dispute the charge. They said I would have to wait for it to go through first. I also cancelled my debit card. I would like everyone selling a car online, ESPECIALLY, through Craigslist to be extremely aware. There are a lot of scammers out there. I hope this helps and saves someone esle from getting taken.



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