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Wayne – Sep 27, 2020

I really wanted a female Labrador puppy named Josie from them. I sent $900.00 via Zelle. Immediately after I sent the $900.00, I received a phone call from Delta Cargo Logistics (a fake shipping company website they use) requesting an additional $2,250.00 to ship the puppy in an AC crate. I refused to pay the additional money and when I asked to drive to Tennessee to pick up Josie instead or a refund, they told me the “money had already been spent”. Now I’m out $900.00. And my daughter who is grieving the loss of our female Labrador is broken hearted again. I also feel sorry for “Josie the Black Labrador” on Instagram who had pictures and videos of the “real” Josie stolen from these people to use as a fake puppy identity.

Jeffrey – Sep 15, 2020

My wife really wanted a lab puppy from this site. Their web page looked ok but something just didn’t seem right but I went ahead and sent them 800.00 via Zelle transfer. I had questions but they would never take a phone call. Never heard from them again once they had my money. Total scammers. I filed an FBI cyber crime report the next day.

Frederick – Sep 12, 2020 and info [email protected] are still operating under the new name of: and [email protected]

Jeffrey – Sep 12, 2020

I sent them over $2,000.00 to ship a puppy named “Louie” to me via Delta Cargo Logistics. First it was $900 for the pup; and then I received a call from Delta Cargo that the AC crate and the Tennessee animal control department charges would be refunded. I know they are still in business under a different web site

Marco – Aug 30, 2020

Scammer’s phone 956-307-5476

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I emailed this “breeder” about a puppy and they had some available. I sent them the money, via Zelle, and they guaranteed, per their website, a stress free air conditioned trip for the puppy. They used a scam shipping company ( that wanted to charge a crate rental fee and vaccination fee of $750, fully refundable, via Zelle. Tons of complaints on that shipping company. When I reached out to the “breeder”, they asked me to calm down and for me to ask my husband or friends for money to send. So I am now out $800 thanks to this.


Phone: +1 (956) 307-5476

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