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Lindsay – Dec 15, 2020

“Diversified Solutions” is the newest incarnation of a fraudster ring that previously operated as “Midway Mitigation Group” supposedly out of Phoenix. This morning I called one of Midway’s old numbers and a woman claiming to be “Amanda Lewis” answered saying “Diversified Solutions.” I acted confused and said, “I think I called the wrong number. I was calling Midway Mitigation Group.” She replied, “That was our former name.”

I have a client (I am a lawyer experienced in prosecuting fraud) who received multiple calls this past week threatening them with the filing of a lawsuit if they don’t call back by the end of the day to Diversified Solution’s “mediation” service. Each time I call them back they initially try to sound legit, but when I press them for details, they end up hanging up on me. On one call, “Kelly” started out nice, even gave me the company’s purported headquarters address (3000 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30301–which doesn’t exist), but when I pressed her for more specifics, she freaked out and hung up on me. In the hope this will alert others to their scam, the following are some of phone numbers I’ve compiled for them:

(480) 937-0258
(855) 200-6701
(760) 424-5421
(833) 637-0169

If you type in the name of Midway Mitigation Group above you’ll find a list of many of the phone numbers they use.

I WOULD URGE EVERYONE ENCOUNTERING THESE SCAMMERS TO FILE A REPORT WITH THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION AS WELL AS WITH THE CONSUMER FRAUD UNIT OF YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL. I’ve traced them to Ohio and Atlanta, which coincidentally just happens to be where an identical scam was based that the FTC put out of business in 2013, so it’s possible some of the grifters from that scam have resurrected it:

Craig – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 35749

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company has called not only myself hundreds of times but they harass my wife, ex wife, my exes boyfriend, and my family members. I have confirmed I owe no debts as I have a perfect credit report. They refuse to tell me what the collection is for. They get angry and cuss you out when you ask any questions.

Lydia –

Victim Location 44303

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I’ve received multiple calls several times a week from a business going by the name of Diversified. Their phone number is 866-372-2666 and the caller ID on our phones is stating the business is in Toledo. It is an automated message saying that I owe a debt and need to call immediately. However, they are calling our public phone lines here at the Akron ScamPulse.com, so I know this is definitely a scam. We have tried to call them back to see if we can get anymore reportable information out of the would be scammers, but the number presented just places you on hold until it hangs up on you. 

My co-workers have also received phone calls from this business. We thought it would be best to alert consumers of this business by inputting the information into our Scam Tracker.



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