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Lindsay – Aug 18, 2020

Did you get a response from anyone? I am in the same boat and Oracle doesn’t seem to know who they are. Is this a scammer company?

Theresa – Jun 30, 2020

Victim Location 02135

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Fraudulent debt collection on behalf of Oracle Corporation by Direct Recovery Associates. They sent me a written note saying I owe an outstanding balance to AMEX on behalf of Oracle Corporation and I called Oracle and discuss the allegations and they said they do not use a third-party firm. So not sure how this company got my information but I looked on LinkedIn and it is one person the Owner Richard Hart. Confirming further that this in fact a scam and Oracle Payroll is working to address this as well.

Email Below I sent to Payroll_US and the email from the scammer.

I write to you today to address a distributing notice I received from a company called direct recovery associates. Allegedly I owe $316.56 to the Oracle Amex account. However, I have not received any prior notice of these allegations and I haven’t been an active employee since I quit back in November 2019. I called HR and they said that they never heard of this company before and since they are threatening to ding my credit score I am very concerned and would like you to address this problem ASAP. If this in fact accurate I request detailed transaction data to support that this was in fact my purchase and not a fraudulent activity that may have happened on my account post my departure. I find it very to weird to get this note almost an entire year after I left Oracle…..If this in fact fraud please use everything in your power to get my name cleared out of this situation.

I cc’d the alleged email that this is needed to be responded to so you have the information handy the alleged file number is 30393-30389. The person’s name is Richard Hart as well…please let me know how this can be resolved and the detailed billing statement that I am allegedly on the hook for.

Mary – Sep 22, 2020


This actually just happened to me! The letter I received states I owe $367.51. I also quit back in early 2020 and left with all of my expenses approved and paid out. Did Oracle Payroll ever help you get it resolved? I just sent them an email as well. T


Phone: +1 (818) 874-0011

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