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Tanya – Dec 05, 2020

Do not use this service. Above all, do not let them access jour computer. If you get a message your computer is infected and to call the number, don’t do it! Just shut down your computer. They can’t do anything to it unless you let them in. If you do they will have access to everything on your it. Your social security number, bank account, birthday and all you private matter. They are all foreigners possibly from the Philippines with a Agoura Hills, California phone number. They only got me for $500.00 dollars. Other people have not faired so well. Good luck.

Victoria – Oct 04, 2020

Feb 25, 2020 before Covid I purchased a new top shelf Dell Desktop to replace my old Dell Windows 7 as it was no longer supported after JAN 2020. Dell comes preloaded with McAfee Small business. I called McAfee 1 800 number to sync both my Dell McAfee accounts as I was having issues. At that time, unknown to me, McAfee outsourced their CS tech services to a 3rd party – Digicare Solutions Inc – based in Sheridan WY according to internet. I thought I was talking to McAfee which I have used on all my last DELL small business Pc’s. Digicare Solutions Inc. after the McAfee transfer, acted fully as they were McAfee and represented McAfee. They reinstalled my Small business softwareon both PC’s then told me my internet server was compromised and others were accessing my accounts and private info.. They would have to repair, fix Google, put on special encryption server software that they charged me for also. Anyway the total was on Feb 25thwas for $1,261.48 but they would not use credit card and required and insisted that I submit an e-check to them payable to Digicare Solutions Inc. and deposited at a JPMChase account. I was going out of town and this was my wives work computer so to save time and trouble I reluctantly paid as smelled a rat. With work and covid I was compromised by these pirates. They put Tech support toll free numbers on desktop and my lifetime paid subscription. The next few weeks I tried to call them as I was still having issues but the contact and phone number were unreachable. I contacted and left several cases with Dell and McAfee with little response. No way to contact them even at corporate office listed in Sheridan WY. Basically I was told I was screwed by DELL and McAfee. The service said you had 30 days to cancel which I did try for a few months starting Feb but with Covid all these companies were unreachable and contacts were gone and no responses. I then continually got 1800 PC scam calls from a whole lot of foreign PC pirates for months daily. I guess Digicare Solutions put me on the Global software sucker list! I was not contacted again by Digicare Solutions Inc for over 4 months until June 29th. They called and said they were unavailable for the last 4 months because of covid. I told them and representatives That Dell and McAfee told me I was scammed. The deposited check from Digicare even in memo shows they represented McAfee securities. I told them all.. DELL, McAfee and Digicare Solutions Inc. that I am a senior 67, lost job and this is fraud and want as I did in Feb a refund and to cancel. They said it was past the 30 day cancellation period even though they were out of business for over 4 months with personnel issues. I told them the email and persons name on desktop were not reachable. I asked them for an email documentation of services I purchased and what it entailed. I asked for manager or customer service and it was all a boiler room operation with no structure. They finally sent me at several requests an apology July 10 well over 4 months of being out of business or contact. My number #1 definition of QUALTY = TRUST. You CAN NOT TRUST anyone at this institution. They refused to transfer me to any person or refund money or cancel any part of the lifetime McAfee service. They are a fraud and misrepresented McAfee and have put a real damper on my respect for DELL or McAfee for even dealing with these pirates. DO NOT TRUST THEM… I have all copies of receipts deposited checks an emails. McAfee was not even interested in supporting me at all…buyer be aware! They then in July email from Digicare Solutions Inc had the following complete staff I assume on the c.c. email copy which shows you they are ALL 3RD Party pirates and no corporate email or function or structure. SCAM. Here is the c.c. last email addresses to me after 5 months of tracking them on last email that I demanded for some documentation on being scammed for over $1200. See below their emails addresses they send to me. I assume this is their global scam directory or global contract scammers they hire part time.

digicaresolutions Fri, Jul 10 at 3:20 PM

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],jsheph9999… Hide..

Hi There,

Greetings from Digicare Solutions. We hope you are doing well.

This email is in regarding an update about our services. We regret to inform you but due to COVID-19 situation our toll-free number(s) got changed in between the period of March 2020 to May 2020.

In order to update our latest toll-free number, we have tried to reach you out numerous times but unfortunately your number was unresponsive/not reachable.

Please save the below mentioned numbers to continue enjoying our services:
New Toll-free number is +1-866-538-2529.
New Personal Technician number is +1-307-224-6426

*In case of any queries/concern or feedback, You can simply reply to this email or you can also reach us back over the above stated numbers. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Warm Regards,
Jake Ryan
Customer Service Associate

Glad to send details to officials or representatives from FCC, state of Wyoming, DELL, McAfee for full misrepresentation of services and charges.

Stay away from this company! I recommend DELL and McAfee pay attention also to who they deal with in times of crisis …

see the following links

<span title="https://www.bbb.org/us/wy/sheridan/profile/tech-support/digicare-solutions-inc-0805-46107592
https://www.bbb.org/us/wy/sheridan/profile/tech-support/digicare-solutions-inc-0… />





Benjamin – Sep 05, 2020

I was on my computer going trying all of a sudden call came that ips is compromised and shouldn’t shutdown computer as that will loose all data. Phone no popped up to call they checked found malware and requested access to the computer and repairs cost lifetime is $599. Request Pay it immediately to repairs and life time guarantee.

Roger – Jul 06, 2020

Victim Location 77084

Total money lost $1,131.50

Type of a scam Tech Support

-Tried to boot up my computer and found a pop-up that blocked me from been able to access any of my programs/documents. The Pop-up stated "Do Not Attempt to use your computer because you are in danger of loosing all your data. Stated call us to at # 1833-821-4017. Also read: If you close this page your computer will be disabled. End result is that they found malware and requested access to the computer to repair the damage. End result the requested payment in the amount of $1131.50.00 for repairs and lifetime guarantee.

Website: www.digicaresolution.com


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