Desiable Life Good Time Reborn Dolls

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Preston – Oct 23, 2020

Doll came with a flat leg- no bottle or comb as specified! Hair is awful

Christine – Sep 22, 2020

Yes I ordered a doll n put it on my visa n never got a tracking order no doll nothing this should be traced n they should b charged its thief do not buy nothing from this scamming.

Anthony – Sep 09, 2020

I have ordered 3 dolls. $142. I have email cause I have not received anything. They have emailed back it’s the same thing over and over. I have sent them everything they would need but now they can find me in the system.

Valerie – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 50546

Total money lost $119.20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This fradulent seller has many websites with shopify and promotes them on purporting to be reborn doll manufacturer in Alaska, United States on websites such as, and 30 others I found on google. they use paypal as their main form of payment and the seller information after the person makes a payment to Desiable Life Good Time Reborn Dolls, the reciept you get says that the seller really is Custom Information Technology Ltd. and email is [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] – all fake also doing business as Alibaba Cloud Computing Company Ltd. out of Beijing, China although they also claim they are from Commercial Room 2018, Hongyue International, No.777 Zhaoyang South Street, Jianshe South Road Sub-district Office, Jingxiu District, Baoding City. Their emails of which there are numerous are all fake as well as their VOIP registered phone numbers that say they are registered to a wireless caller in Washington, DC and yet the phone number itself is registered in Vermont. They steal pictures from real reborn doll sites and add them to their own to make someone believe they are really the manufacturer when they are not and have fake reviews on their website I noted when I viewed the page html. It is not until after you pay through paypal do you learn the truth of their fradulent scamming nature. Paypal is also aware of this fradulent seller and has been for months and paypal who gets money from these fradulent sellers refuse to refund your money even know a fraud has been committing saying you will not recieve a refund for this transaction. These fradulent sellers are creating seller pages on,, and to scam people out of their money and if you pay through paypal, oh well, you have no buyer protection because they always side with the seller!



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